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BBE Blog 18 June 2023 Featuring a Showcase for S.Lee Glick

BBE Blog 17 June 2023 showcasing Neural Verse by S. Lee Glick

We’ll get to the fabulous Mr. Glick in a minute, but first, prepare for a new series of books.  A travelogue series probably best describes them. I’m a few K words in and haven’t killed anybody yet, not even metaphorically. Not like me, I’ve normally seen somebody off before I’ve had my porridge. Porridge, balk, horrible stuff—like the bottom of a cee-ment pond. Seamless segway alert, only not really because it’s not even on this page. A segway to another brain fart—but one that’s ripped at the seams.

Dogs Wot Camp! Coming to an Amazon near you soon.

Life’s cherished memories often unfold in the crazy wonder of nature’s wilds. Ask any teenager who has made out in a park. Our dysfunctional family has risked the lions and bears and tigers on two memorable camping trips, accompanied by our trigger-happy mutts. More triggers than—whoa, back away from that one, girl. Two camps, and counting, brilliant road-trips, where laughter, tranquillity, stress, badly behaved dogs, and the great outdoors intertwined.

Our first adventure took us to the open moorland of Settle. As we set up our awning—3 hours to make camp— among a dozen other vans, the fragrance of cut grass filled the air, enveloping us in a sense of wonder. We were wondering, what the hell we were doing? Our energetic dogs, who had undergone a three hour journey, with only five stops, and were stressed to explosion point, wagged their tails in delight, Teagan Bear wrenched my shoulder, and just about dislocated it again as we let them out of the  van on their leads. Tenmen did what Tenmen does. He yapped—and didn’t stop yapping for a long, long time. Together, we explored our field, it was a breath-taking beauty of cultivated faming land—with sheep—in the next field—not fifty yards away from us. This was going to be fun. Nights were filled with laughter around the campfire, as we indulged in gooey s’mores, and shared ghost stories that sent delightful shivers down our spines. Only we didn’t, that’s the ‘round the old campfire version of events. The true story is that we’d been up all night the night before, drama with friends, don’t ask.  So we had tomato soup in bed, out of authentic tin mugs, and barely saw eight o’clock.

This week we were off  again on another camp-a-thon jolly jamboree where murder crossed my mind more than once. This time to the picturesque haven of Whitby. Nestled amid a million steep hills, the white-tipped waters of the sea beckoned us to immerse ourselves in its serenity—well, we threw the dogs in at any rate. I got my feet wet. Teagan and Tenmen, leapt around in the water with unabashed joy, their wet fur glistened under the baking summer sun that threatened to send them into canine fits. We couldn’t leave the campsite until after three thirty every day when the sun was past doing it’s damndest. I wouldn’t risk the dogs overheating. And then, after being way too cute in the sea, they got in the van  on a tarp covering our bed. And there they sat—smelling of salty dog.

These camping expeditions have brought us closer to the wonders of the natural world and deepened the bond we share with our wonderful dogs. It’s the bonds I’d like to strangle them with fifty times a day. I love them really. I’d better put that in before I get the animal police on my back.

The gorgeous Yorkshire moors and rolling hills are a great reminder of the beauty that lies beyond my laptop screen. I’m loving it, and the dogs are getting it—they really are. They were so much calmer and better in every way this time. We even managed to sit in a beer garden without carnage and enough stress to explode my brain.

Teagan: Mum, we like camping, we does.

Tenmen: Yeh, yeh, yeh. Oh look, a tree five fields away. I’ll save you, Mum. Yap, yap, yap.’

It was like an episode of The Clampetts Go Camping, and we didn’t even have a cee-ment pond. It took me about twenty years to work out what they were saying. I was singing Sea-Med pond, and often wondered why they were singing about the Mediterranean in America.   

Best Book Editors Welcomes Commissions

In the world of scribbling down a book in your spare time, crafting a masterpiece goes beyond a stroke of brilliance. It takes a lot of strokes. And then, when it’s done and you’ve performed at least three edits on it with the precision of micro-surgery, it needs an editor. Yes, newsflash, you are supposed to edit it yourself before passing it to your editors. Out of 564 books since BBE opened, I think I’ve had about four that have had an edit.

The End. Send.

Client: You want me to edit it first? So what am I paying an editor for?

Me: A lot of Pledge and elbow grease.

 Your book has taken a lot out of you,  and it deserves the expertise of skilled Editors. BBE still has enough work to take us to the end of July, but we will be opening our door to new commissions around then.

Best Book Editors, is known for meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to nurturing authors’ visions. We have successfully transformed countless manuscripts into literary gems. Our team of seasoned editors, (Namely me these days—down from five thanks to flipping Sparky) equipped with keen eyes for grammar, structure, and storytelling, will wipe its nose and shine its shoes for you.

Whether you’re a writer embarking on your debut novel, or an established author seeking a fresh perspective, Best Book Editors bring your words to life, or at least, we’ll sit them in a corner so that the lividity sinks to the lower extremities where people won’t notice. Our collaborative approach ensures that the author’s voice shines through, while our editing skills polish manuscripts until they squeak like a nest of baby mice.

Don’t let your literary aspirations languish. Realise your writing dreams. Together, we’ll create a book that captivates readers around the world.

Enough BBE Marketing? Thank God for that. To be honest, Since Sparky, I turn away more work than I take on, and with a second business taking up a lot of time, I’m happy to plod along like an aged Suffolk Punch pulling a cart up a crippling hill. I take enough work to keep us going, and when I hit that threshold, I have no  choice but to close the doors until it’s clear. My brain condition sure knows how to send a wrecking ball through a growing business. I’m also making time for my own books when I can.

Horror Meets Sci-Fi: The New King of Horror: A showcase for S. Lee Glick

Within the darkened, misty realms where horror meets science fiction, a luminary has emerged, captivating readers’ imaginations with spine-chilling tales. S. Lee Glick, a masterful storyteller, has recently released a ground-breaking new book that is thrilling fans of the genre. It is with great enthusiasm that we celebrate S. Lee Glick’s reign as the New King of Horror.

Glick’s latest book, a mesmerizing blend of horror and science fiction, has been rising since its release a few weeks ago. This compelling work, titled Neural Verse, plunges readers into a world teetering on the edge of darkness and scientific intrigue. Glick’s intricate narrative webs draw readers deep into a labyrinth of terror, where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs. It could happen—it could be happening now. It could happen to you. His skilful storytelling and uncanny ability to evoke fear have earned him the well-deserved nickname.

But there’s more to S. Lee Glick’s success than his mastery of the genre. His journey to becoming a celebrated author is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit. Several years ago, Glick faced a life-altering challenge—a stroke that threatened to derail his dreams. However, instead of succumbing to adversity, he harnessed his indomitable willpower to overcome the obstacles he faced. His rehabilitation has been a long one.

For him, the act of writing isn’t just about creation. It’s a testament to his resilience and perseverance. While it’s remarkable for anyone to write a book, it is an even more awe-inspiring accomplishment for Mr Glick, who has triumphed over personal adversity to pursue his passion. His dedication and unwavering commitment serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring writers and readers alike.

Glick’s previous works, such as Six Haunting Tales, have captivated audiences with their macabre brilliance. Each story in the collection weaves together elements of horror and suspense, transporting readers to chilling realms where the unknown lurks in every shadow. Glick’s atmospheric prose and masterful character development leave an indelible mark on readers’ minds, ensuring that his stories linger in the dead of night when you turn the lights off.

With The Testament, Glick demonstrates his ability to create narratives that transcend traditional boundaries. This tale introduces us to Joey, a character grappling with a deep and unsettling secret. As the story unfolds, Glick crafts an atmosphere of foreboding, unravelling the mysteries that surround Joey, and leaving readers on the edge of their seats.

The local press has taken notice of Glick’s talent, and they are eager to shed light on his writing. In an upcoming piece, they’ll delve into the intricacies of his writing process, his unique perspective on the horror genre, and the triumph of his spirit in the face of adversity. It is a testament to the impact Glick’s work has had on the hearts of readers.

As readers, we anticipate each new release from S. Lee Glick, knowing that his stories will transport us to new dimensions and challenge our perceptions of reality. Glick reaffirms his position as a master storyteller and an inspiration to us all. He really can tell a good yarn and if he makes the odd mistake—we can forgive that.

In conclusion, our camping adventures and appreciation for nature have rekindled our love for the great outdoors and strengthened our bond with our furry companions and each other. Best Book Editors stands ready to support aspiring authors with their literary endeavours, offering expert editing services that bring out the brilliance of their words. And S. Lee Glick, the new King of Horror, continues to enthral us with his genre-bending tales, showcasing a remarkable man. As we lose ourselves in the worlds he creates, we are reminded that through the darkest shadows, there is always a light waiting to be discovered.



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