Edit the Write Way

With over 50 return clients on our books, we keep our prices low to be affordable for every budget. This is why indie authors love us.

Best Book Editors offers a unique 4-level edit as standard for all of our customers, that no other editorial service offers.

As-Standard Service Level

  1. Track-change keystroke edit, examining every word of your book and checking for spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, continuity, flow, description, dialogue, pace, location, research, characterization, and individual nuances that all authors fall into
  2. Comment suggestions, observations and encouragement
  3. A unique, constructive overview of your book, up to 5,000 words – absolutely free of charge
  4. A clean copy-edit version of your book that has undergone three edits.


Special OfferLimited-Time Deal

Free Marketing package worth £100.00 with every commission

We give all of our clients a free pre-publication review to use for your marketing. Reviews are listed on as many reading/writing sites as will allow.

When your book is published, we include a FREE full review on Amazon and Goodreads. We also list your book in ten relevant Goodreads reading lists. 

No other editorial service gives a FREE marketing kickstart without additional charges.

Most of all, we find your voice to make your book the best it can be. Our editors are experienced with working in both US-English and UK-English.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is included in all our packages as standard. 

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