Best Book Editors

Marketing and Promotion

Best Book Editors Offer a Unique Marketing for Life Package. Our Set Price £200 Marketing Package Includes: 

  • Amazon Review & Rating
  • Goodreads Review & Rating
  • Adding to 10 Goodreads Reading lists specific to your genre
  • Your advert/review/book cover added to 100 reading/promotion sites
  • Showcasing on Best Book Editors Website
  • Ongoing plugs and marketing for the life of our company.

From conception, Best Book Editors had the idea of our clients being an ongoing commitment. We wanted to expand on how we used to work, which was a single service, and that was it until the next time a client came to us.


Marketing Package

1st Phase

Amazon  review

Goodreads review

Showcasing on the BBE Website.

Showcasing on the BBE Facebook page.

Showcasing in the BBE Facebook Group.

Posting on Twitter/Pintrest/Linkedin

Anybody buying your books during Phase One will a ticket for the Wheel of Glory game on the BBE Facebook group.


2nd Phase.

Adding your book to 10 Goodreads Lists,

5-star rating

First vote

And report in excel for you to chart and upkeep.

Request on BBE groups for voting up the Goodreads Lists

Review on BBE Facebook page.

Review on BBE Facebook group.

Review on Twitter

Review on Pinterest

Review on LinkedIn

Review on LinkedIn group

Anybody buying your books during Phase Two will a ticket for the Wheel of Glory game on the BBE Facebook group.




There are several ways to access your Goodreads lists, but we’ve made it easy for you. Just click on the link (or post it in your browser) and then ‘Add books to this list’ it doesn’t matter if the book is already in the list (it won’t let you add it again), but from the list, you can vote and ‘Add to My Books’ You only have to vote on books once and add them to your list once. When they are there, they stay there and if you want to vote any of your other books into other lists you can, quickly and simply from your ‘My Books’ list using the list link. Remember you can’t vote on your own books, only on other people’s. Dead easy. And, please vote for any Katherine Black books you see 😊


3rd Phase.

Write up in the BBE blog.

BBE Blog Feature posted on at least 300 reading/writing sites.

BBE Blog Feature posted on BBE Facebook Group

BBE Blog Feature posted on BBE Facebook Page

BBE Blog Feature posted on Twitter

BBE Blog Feature posted on Pinterest

BBE Blog Feature posted on LinkedIn

Anybody buying your books during Phase Three will a ticket for the Wheel of Glory game on the BBE Facebook group.




And then ongoing marketing for life.

Free use of the BBE FB page if you want anything posting or plugging.

Write-ups in the BBE blog anytime you have something to push.

Showcasing any posters, interviews, links or trailers etc.

A plug every time we see you mentioned in a post.

Automatic applicant for the Book of the Year Awards

The first to be offered freebies for any prototype service we launch. We did a run of free interviews when the service launched, the same with our book trailers.


Anybody buying your books on the BBE Facebook group from an ongoing plug will a ticket for the Wheel of Glory game on the BBE Facebook group.


So, our ethos; Our client pays once for whichever service they require and get ongoing advertising. If we see a post on one of the groups asking for recommendations for books set in Hawaii, we have an author that fits that bill, so we add the (honest) review we did for their book and book cover to the post. When an author uses us for return service, we pull their back catalogue and showcase that, too. They get another big hit of advertising for their previous books. It brings instant sales, but it’s also about the long story. Marketing is all about branding; people need to get used to seeing an author’s book covers and name to stick in their mind. That’s what we aim to do, and so far, it’s working well, and our clients appreciate the extra service.