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As well as being Best Book Editors’ principle editor, Katherine Black is also a novelist. She has been shortlisted for the British Book Awards. She writes intense psychological thrillers. You can check out some of her novels below. Click the cover images to head straight to Amazon.

Her latest series is the exciting police procedural, paranormal suspense series, Featuring DCI Silas Nash as he kicks the bad guys where it hurts one criminal at a time.

Cold-Blooded Carnival

DCI Nash Book 4

In a circus of shadows, death takes centre stage.

In the shadowy heart of Prague, beneath the looming towers of Vysehrad Castle, DCI Nash finds himself ensnared in a web of malevolence. As a once-celebrated circus unravels into a maelstrom of death, the macabre discovery of a fifteen-year-old trapeze artist signals the start of a nightmare murder spree that disrupts the colourful façade of the big top.

With the spectral hum of an uninvited carousel heralding a curse, Nash is thrown into a case where the performers live by superstition and folklore.

With time running out, Nash battles the clock to unmask the mastermind behind the madness. But the circus is a place where crazy isn’t always fun. Every smile conceals an agenda. As the secrets unravel, the real monsters aren’t in the funhouse . . . they walk among the innocent.

‘Cold-Blooded Carnival is the best Silas Nash thriller yet. Written in a more vivid style than Black’s trademark stripped-back prose, it’s a pulse-pounding thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the shocking reveal. Brilliant. A movie-worthy masterpiece.’ — Brian Dawson

Step right up, if you dare, for a performance where fear and suspense fly under the glittering lights of the big top.

Lie Lie Lullaby

DCI Nash Book 3

Online charm. Lethal harm.


In the chilling undercurrent of an ice-cold case, Detective Chief Inspector Silas Nash is hitting brick walls. Each lead drags him down a burrow of frustration.


Around the murkier corners of the internet, a sly conman weaves his web on a dating site, ensnaring unsuspecting women with practised ease. He’s a shark in a digital ocean, preying on the vulnerable.


Clara Watts, devastated and embittered, plays a dangerous game when he slithers back into her life eight years later. But he’s no ordinary villain.

Night Night Necropolis

DCI Nash Book 2

Alma Cullen is dead.

In a bizarre link, people from flight BX842 are dying at a holiday resort in Greece.

DCI Silas Nash and his second in command, DI Molly Brown, go undercover as the body count rises.

The guests have stopped dying—but there’s a new threat. One by one, the remaining guests go missing.

Nash must solve the mystery before it’s too late.

In this interconnected standalone paranormal detective thriller, Katherine Black delivers more intrigue and clues for the reader to find as she delves into the dark recesses of the human psyche.

How do you hunt a killer when you don’t know where to begin?

Hush Hush Honeysuckle

DCI Nash Book 1

DCI Silas Nash thought his life was over. That is until he’s called back to the Task Force with a case that has the seasoned team baffled. It’s the only serial killer Barrow-in-Furness has seen this side of the 21st Century.

They are four murders deep, and the bodies won’t stop coming.

As the evidence stacks up against businessman Maxwell Jones, DCI Nash thinks he’s got his man.

But somebody’s leaking evidence to the press, and if they don’t get a handle on it soon, there’ll be hell to pay.

And Amanda Keys has a message for him . . . one that DCI Nash isn’t ready to hear.

Author Katherine Black takes her unique storytelling ability and delivers the most visceral and twisting novel of her career to date.

This is not a game.


Every family has a limit. Every secret has a price.

15-year-old Samuel May is a neurodivergent young man with a unique mind. When his best friend vanishes, it triggers more than just a search. It plunges Sammy and his parents into an emotional labyrinth with unimaginable consequences.

From the beginning, tensions rise and secrets emerge as the family is pushed to the limit. Sammy has to come to terms with a world that doesn’t understand him. With each revelation, they’re forced closer to breaking point. Can they endure the strain?

Sammy’s in danger. And everything hinges on finding his friend.

Fur is a gripping and soulful look at a dysfunctional family dynamic, set against a backdrop of unfolding mystery and heart-stopping moments. Prepare for a journey that’s as emotionally rich as it is suspenseful.