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We open this first book in a three-book series with a glorious study of a young woman on the cusp of adulthood dealing with the pressure and tribulations of her mental health issues. Like many girls in this modern society, she feels abandoned by her absent father, but it’s more than that—she is different. We get to know her and her demons as she questions why she feels foreign to her peers.


The book is a fast-paced thriller that takes us into the secret world of The Sensorians. The writing is tight and engaging and leaves enough hooks to keep us guessing and working with Eli to figure out what’s happening.


She has extraordinary power—but to learn how to harness it, she is sucked into a new world and a way of life alien to her as she is trained in the lore of the Sensorians. We have action and intrigue, and it’s wrapped in entangled relationships that develop between Eli, Zack and his sister.


Aimed at the young adult market, this book is equally enjoyable for both teenage and older readers. All three books in the series are out and available to buy, so you don’t have to wait to find out what happens next after the first book.




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