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Gigi and Joe by Cassie Dingler

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Meet Gigi and Joe, two cheeky chimpanzees who escape from their enclosure and embark on an exciting and silly adventure through the Detroit Zoo! Join them as they learn about all the animals they meet, and find out who has been causing mischief throughout the zoo…

The reading level of this book is between 1st-3rd grade, but this book is meant to build vocabulary. Readers learn more complex words as they follow the story, and there is a glossary of words to help learn. The recommended age is 6+

Best Book Editors Review

I loved every word of this book. It’s a delightful romp around a zoo through the eyes of two inquisitive chimps. It follows the escapades of the two young escapees on their exciting day of freedom. The charming narrative captures the playful spirits of Gigi and Joe as they meet the other animals.


The zoo and its inhabitants are brought to life with warmth and humour, as Gigi and Joe are swept up in the day’s excitement. With engaging storytelling and endearing characters, it’s a cracking tale that will captivate readers of all ages.

I’m an adult, I loved it. And kids will get lost in the magic of the talking animals. It’s a delightful read that celebrates friendship and curiosity.


The grown-up bit for the guardians. This book is perfect for reading to young children, or for readers to read themselves. It would be the perfect choice for primary school teachers, looking for a chapter book to read to their class. It’s a romp of anthropomorphism at its finest. There are some life lessons in there; the lady who doesn’t listen to the little boy with more understanding of a subject than her, and how people can change and should be given second chances to prove themselves. There’s even an index of new words children might be introduced to at the end of the book. The chapter images are sweet and add an extra element to the book.

Pure escapism. Parents, do you want a book that you can enjoy along with your child?—This is it.

Highly recommended.


Cassie Dingler

Cassie was born in Dunwoody, Ga, USA. She is the author of three novels…

Gigi and Joe

The Jungle of the Bamboozle

Journey into the Fairywood

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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 February 2023







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