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Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story by Jeffrey Mason


Give your mom the gift she will love, and you will cherish.

“Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story” is the fun and delightful way for you to discover everything from your mother’s childhood memories to the profound turning points in her life. Featuring specially selected questions in an easy-to-use layout, each intentional section gives your mom a place to share her life with you while creating a lasting legacy.

With over 250 thought-provoking questions and prompts, “Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story.” is the beloved and enjoyable way to encourage your Mom to share and preserve her life story.

Features & Benefits:

  • Over 250 Guided Prompts: The carefully curated questions will gently guide your mom down memory lane, making it simple and fun for her to reminisce, write about, and share her life’s tales.

  • The perfect size: The 110 beautifully designed pages and 6×9 size have been specifically selected to make this journal easy for your Mom to use and carry. Available in your choice of paperback or hardcover.

  • Elegantly Designed for Your Mom: This beautiful guided journal has been specifically crafted to capture your Mom’s lifetime of stories. Every page is an invitation to explore and celebrate her incredible journey.

  • Hear Your Story® was founded as a heartfelt response by our founder to losing his father to Alzheimer’s. Our journals are a commitment to safeguarding family legacies and a testament to the belief that every life is a story worth telling and preserving.

  • The Hear Your Story® team is made up of parents, grandparents, and grandchildren. We draw upon the rich tapestry of our collective experiences and perspectives to infuse each of our journals with the care and love it deserves.

Hear Your Story® is the original innovator of family memory journals, perfecting the craft of memory preservation through guided journals. “Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story” stands out for its heartfelt origin, depth of its questions, and beautiful design. Featured on Oprah.ComThe PioneerWoman.ComUSA Today, and Today.Com, this journal is recognized as the gift that your mom will love, and you will cherish.

Order Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story today and give your Mom the gift that delights and excites her.

Best Book Editors Review

So this one is a very personal RECOMMENDATION


My daughter-in-law lost her grandma who she was very close to. Grandma left her with questions that she never thought to ask.

The other day she rang up with a request to fill this book in. She bought one for me and one for her mother and she’s going to fill in one herself for her kids.

It is a book of questions for future generations to *know* their relative. You fill the book in a little at a time or, like me, binge it in 24 hours.

While possibly unintentional, especially for people with less-than-perfect childhoods, some of the questions make you go deep. This is not a bad thing, it makes you think about what you’d like to reply for future generations to read about what shaped your life. 

Example: What advice would you give to your teenage self? What would you have done differently?

Example: Were any of your children “surprises.” …steady! 🙂

My favourite question purely because of the date at the time of answering: When did you last vote? 
My Reply: Today Wow! …4 July 2024.Day of the UK General Election. 

And yes, there are Dad versions, too.

This is a lovely gift to leave for your children and grandchildren when you’re no longer here. I recommend this for every family. It’s a beautiful gift.





Jeffrey Mason is the creator and author of the best-selling Hear Your Story line of books and is the founder of the company Hear Your Story.

In response to his own father’s fight with Alzheimer’s, Jeffrey wrote his first two books, Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story and Dad, I Want to Hear Your Story in 2018. Since then, he has written over 25 books, been published in 3 languages, and sold over 270,000 copies worldwide.

Jeffrey is dedicated to spreading the mission that the little things are the big things and that each of us has an incredible life story that needs to be shared. He continues to create books that he hopes will guide people to reflect on and share their full life experience and create opportunities for talking, listening, learning, and understanding.


Hear Your Story can be visited at

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