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Psychic Voices by J.P. Alters

Book Blurb

Psychic Voices: Book 1 in the Mary Jameson Supernatural Thriller Series.
Psychic Voices is a gripping supernatural thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Mary Jameson is a woman diagnosed with schizophrenia who attempts to end her own life and is taken to The Rainbow Unit, a psychiatric hospital. Mary has always heard voices, and had friends no-one else can see, but at The Unit, she discovers that her mental illness may be more than just a diagnosis.

Mary is a medium with the power to talk to the dead, and she quickly learns that The Unit, is not what it seems.

As she uncovers a sinister conspiracy, Mary must navigate a dangerous world where she can’t trust anyone, not even herself. Can she uncover the truth before it’s too late? Psychic Voices is the first book in the Mary Jameson Supernatural Thriller Series, written by JP Alters. This book is perfect for fans of suspenseful or paranormal stories with complex characters and unexpected twists. Get ready to be transported to a world where the dead speak, and the living, must listen.

Best Book Editors Review

A trip into the realm of mental illness, where the ordinary and the extraordinary coexist. The story is set in a perfect mental health unit, and Mary Jameson is very lucky to be incarcerated there.

This book grabbed me early and held my interest throughout. With a keen focus on character development, the author writes a memorable cast, each with their own range of psychosis. Their struggles and the relationships they build keep readers turning the pages.


The narrative is rich with suspense. You know it’s coming—you just don’t know when—  keeping you on the edge of your seat as the characters continue to get better. This is a compelling work that explores the failings of the human condition. We root for Mary and want it to end well.

More in the series, and I can’t wait.



About the author

J.P. Alters is a writer who has always been passionate about supernatural thriller books. Growing up as a bi-racial woman, in 80’s London, JP faced many challenges. Her experiences influenced her writing and led her to promote messages of unity, diversity and inclusion, inspired by the Bob Marley motto of “One Love.”

Her writing career kicked off with her debut novel, and original Book 1 of the exciting Mary Jameson supernatural thriller series: A Psychic Subterfuge. This was followed by The Twisted Fates: Unearthly Lessons in Darkness, Psychic Voices (Book 1) and Psychic Training (Book 1.5.)


In 2022, JP released her debut novel A Psychic Subterfuge. Keen to learn and improve, she later revamped it, relaunching the book as Psychic Voices. This novel, the first in the Mary Jameson series, resonates with fans of the film Get Out, or readers of the authors: Amy Cross, Rick Wood and Shani Struthers. JP continues to explore the human condition in her thrilling works, offering readers a truly captivating literary experience.



Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 August 2023




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