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Review of Neural Verse by S.Lee Glick

Book Blurb
Kylee Adams is The Chosen One.

Not that she had any say in the matter.

Dive headfirst into the adrenalized world of Neural Verse. Kylee Adams didn’t ask to be the Chosen One, but when she awakens in a nightmare after a gruesome car crash, she becomes the living experiment of Doctors Schultz and Nesmith’s groundbreaking serum.

Across the country, young Sarah, a forgotten soul in a life of neglect, is plunged into a terrifying journey when she’s kidnapped. In the underworld heart of gangland chaos, a newly empowered Kylee unravels a labyrinth of deceit, power, and dark desire.

As she grows, Sarah Luchk is ensnared by her own ambitions, yet her serum-sparked evolution unlocks powers beyond her wildest dreams. As the city teeters on a knife-edge, danger prowls around every shadowy corner.

In the world of Neural Verse, alliances shatter like glass, trust is gold dust, and the fight for power blurs the boundaries of right and wrong. Unearth shocking truths that rock the world to its core. The intoxicating allure of power seduces them.

Get ready for a heart-stopping, high-octane journey into a world of serum, secrets, and sinister intrigue.


Best Book Editors Review

This is the second book I’ve read by this author, and this one is going to blow your socks off.

In this novel, sci-fi-meets-horror-meets-organised crime. It’s written by a wild author with no fences around his imagination, and nothing to hold him back.

Kylee Adams is a newly qualified cop who is given an amazing transformation after a terrible road accident.

Sarah is a neglected child who is kidnapped and brought into the crazy world of Neural Verse. She’s adopted into the wealthy Luchk empire and sets her cap on harnessing that power for herself.
In a blurring of right against wrong, good against evil, the two women’s lives are inextricably linked by the mysterious serum produced in the Neural Verse laboratories.

But that’s only one small part of what goes on in this roller-coaster ride of a book involving gangs and drugs and murder. The pace is frenetic, and you’ll find yourself turning the pages fast to keep up.
While there is nothing in this story to stop it from being suitable for young adults— but it’s a wild and crazy ride of a read not for the fainthearted.

S. Lee Glick

S Lee Glick, Author of. Six Haunting TalesThe Testament  There’s Something Wrong with Joey, and his new release Neural Verse.

He grew up on a farm,  close to a small town called Rock Falls, Illinois. It was an average childhood, living through the crazy ’70s.  

“Long story short, we moved to southern Wisconsin six years ago. I’d say that I got too big in the britches and pulled my wife into a move that put us a spitting distance from Minnesota. We have two children. Our son Matthew lives close to Chicago, Illinois. He’s a tattoo artist. Our daughter lives in the resort community of the Wiscon Dells. Uprooting was a good move for us because it allows us to visit and be visited by our children regularly.”




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