Best Book Editors

Author Branding Logos.

The moment you publish your first book--you are a brand. As such, every author should have a branding logo. It is perfectly acceptible to give yourself a compay name Katherine Black Publishing. You can use your initials interwoven into a design KB, your name, Katherine Black, or a genre specific image of your choice. You should attach your logo to everything, specifically your book cover spines and back, your email signature and to all  social media and other forms of marketing and promotion. When we create your unique logo, it is designed for and personal to you.

We will supply you with 3 formats.

  • Full colour (sizeable) for general posting
  • Thumbnail for your email signature etc
  • Monochromatic transparent to attch to your website header and book covers.

Professional books have an author logo. Without one, your book is recognised as being outside of mainstream publishing. With one logo for life, your books have a more professional and industry standard appearance for all of your book covers, publishing, marketing and promotion.

We are taking orders now and your design will be added to the Best Book Editors logo portfolio as it builds, giving you extra promotion with regular marketing.