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Best Book Editors to the rescue!

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If your book isn't formatted correctly, no one will ever take you seriously

Tired of doing it yourself? Microsoft Word, or any other text editor, isn't up to the job when it comes to formatting your book for publication. There's margin control, font embedding, industry standard PDF print-ready output, glyphs, repagination, running titles, chapter titles, page numbering, line height, paragraph indentation, drop caps, white-space balance versus imbalance... (wait, I need to take a breath! Should I continue?)

The upshot is, get any one of those things wrong and when you upload your baby book (you pushed, squeezed and sweated far longer than it would take to have a real baby!) to KDP, IngramSpark or any of the various publishing platforms, you'll get a rejection quicker than you can say, "It's not my fault."

Best Book Editors to the rescue!

This is where Best Book Editors comes in. We are proud to launch our new in-house typesetting service for your book, whether it's a children's picture book, the next great American novel, a dystopian space opera, or a legal textbook. Our team of dedicated typesetters work tirelessly to turn your manuscript into the book it deserves to be.

Book formatting and typesetting from Best Book AuthorsThey have more than 30 years of typesetting experience between them, working to industry standards. You'll get:

  • Professionally produced, high-resolution PDFs that pass all preflight production checks
  • Paperback and ebook versions (you can choose one or both formats)
  • Beautiful layout that is genre-specific
  • Embedded custom fonts for chapter titles, running titles, page numbering and body content
  • Drop Cap chapter openings (if desired)
  • Clickable table of contents (CToC) on your ebook
  • Content Index for non-fiction titles
  • Custom page sizes for all industry-standard book formats
  • Ebook cover embedding for .epub and .mobi formats
  • Header and footer layout for book name, author name, section numbering, etc
  • File formats specific to your publishing platform choice (KDP, IngramSpark, etc)
  • A standard copyright page with your ISBN, copyright name, version control and publication date.

All this and more! Click below for a quote now.