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Testimonial from Ali Fischer 12th January 2022 for proofreading/editing

Testimonial from Ali Fischer AKA Sally Brierley 12th January 2022 for proofreading/editing

I have just read the overview, and promptly burst into tears. Don’t panic, they are not sad tears, but big, fat, happy tears. I tried to read your overview to my husband, but I couldn’t, so I handed over my laptop. He may have had a little tear in his eye, with pride.

The faults that you pick up on are ones that I knew I had, I just wasn’t entirely sure how to correct them (I have been googling online grammar courses all week). This novel is my first, but it is the first time I have written anything longer than a shopping list. Well, now I dare to dream.

Your full edit is not only really very, super kind of you. It has given me some confidence in myself and I can learn so much from it for the next book. Lucy’s Story will be so much the better for it. And then it will be excellent, as I shall be asking for the full works from yourselves.

I shall take your comments with the hint of humour.

With thanks, lots of them




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