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Review of 100 Common Sense Policies to Make Britain Great Again by Karl Wiggins

Wow! This is some book. So the warning first. If you’re easily offended or don’t like foul language, this isn’t the book for you. I’ve probably just sold loads of this book to people who love to be outraged and then complain about it.  This book is out there. However, It just makes sense—well, most of it.

The author is outspoken, and if you don’t like his opinions, I very much doubt he’d care. I thought this was brilliant—but still cringed my way through it.

The chapter on biblical interpretation is beyond BRILLIANT, and I could see it as a stand-up routine. I don’t tend to laugh while reading, but the picking up sticks on the Sabbath (working) and Adsa trolley guy literally made me laugh out loud.

This is the best book I’ve read this year, and possibly most of last year too. The sheer hundreds (thousands?) of hours of research that went into the book surpasses anything that I’ve EVER seen before. It’s well written and on subjects that would tend to bore the pants off me—but don’t let that put you off for a second. This book is anything but boring—even the facts and figures interest me because of the delivery and the wow factor of Really? That’s incredible. It’s a controversial book and not for the easily offended.

The intelligence is marked. It doesn’t just make sense, it’s well thought out and put across in such a way that makes it entertaining and informative—and if you don’t learn something you didn’t already know, I’d be amazed.

Is all the data accurate?—I’ve no idea, his sources at the back are good, and I’ve no reason to doubt his research, but hell, this man could tell me anything, and I’d believe him. He’s even added some photographs that I wouldn’t want to show my old granny.

Commons sense by the bucket-load and honed intelligence. Agree or disagree, it’s going to make you think about things from both sides. And that’s what this author does. He presents both sides of the argument without discrimination. In your face writing at its best.

I’m awarding this a Best Book Editors Recommended Read because the reasearch is outstanding, and the delivery is (not to my taste in parts) so damned good. One to be read with an open mind and like the author, without descrimination.




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