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Review Of Finding Isogonal Ranch: Mysteria's Story by Charlotte Perrin

There is no messing about with this book. From the first sentence, we jump right into the action. Hurricane Delta is paying her visit. She arrives with destruction as her primary purpose, but that’s only one of Jane’s troubles. We open to the building panic as the hurricane breaks sea defences and the winds are gusting at 100 miles an hour. Jane is living her worst life after years of bullying and beatings at the hands of her drunken and abusive mother and stepfather. When it comes, she doesn’t know that this beating is the last one, and she’s sent out to buy more beer.

She doesn’t mean to leave home—it just happens thanks to the hurricane.


Arthur Forrest is driving. After a family breakdown, he’s bumming around the country, finding work where he can in his search for a place to be. He sees Jane and offers her a lift, and very soon, we find out that Arthur is no ordinary guy.


They met when they were meant to, and so their journey began.


This book is about love and kindness. It’s said that the best way to get to the road to Happiness is by turning right at the end of Sadness Street. By the same token, the warmest kindness is given by those who have suffered. Our heroine wants a better world, and this story takes us on a journey of magic and mystery to find her new home.

It’s an uplifting, warm, feel-good story of do-unto-others wrapped up in realms of fantasy and escapism. The group of two is soon three, and they are drawn to others like them. They realise their potential with every new hurdle thrown in their path as they travel across the country.

Written for young adults, this story is enthralling enough to capture any reader’s imagination and sense of wonder. Loved every word of this and can’t wait to read more from this talented author. One to watch out for.




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