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My Name is Fanny by Darlene Maslek Colaianni

My Name is Fanny by Darlene Maslek Colaianni


A charming tale about the life of a spoiled cat who was lucky to find her forever home with a lovely couple.


It has joy and just a little bit of heartbreak when Fanny loses her best friend, the other cat belonging to the family. But, for the most part, in a sometimes dark and cruel world full of stress, this is a delightful tale about a happy cat. And doesn’t our life just need one of those sometimes? You can feel the blood pressure lowering as you read, and this story is akin to having a cat lying across your lap to stroke.


It’s very short, and while it isn’t marketed for children, there’s no reason why this couldn’t be a chapter book to read to your little people.


A sweet, heartwarming, gentle read and the perfect gift for special occasions.

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