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Review of Bound by Vengeance and Mind: Arsinoëphorus Alliance (Book3):

The gang are back in force. All the characters we’ve come to know, and love are up to their eyes in trouble again.


The alliance are on a quest to save Lee and Nephtyri’s grandmother from the Hunters. They have been horribly abused, and not only physically. Lee has had all of her happy memories with Frey erased by Abraxas, who has learned the magic of dreameating.


The result is that only memories of the fights and bad times with her beloved Frey are left. She’s kept in a crate for months, without the most basic sanitary needs catered for. She’s given up on Frey ever finding her—of even wanting to. She cries for him in the night, but her tears are left to soak into the wooden slats of the lonely crate.


And that’s just the opening plotline to this fantastic story. Rochelle and Bjorn are having a baby. Nephtyri and Ian are deeply in love and working together as the Alliance king and queen. Mahlyce—well, she’s just Mahlyce.


I’ve been amazed by the battle scenes in the two previous books, one of the hardest things to write in fiction. And I’ve realized that the fights are so enthralling because they are taken into the realms of magic, sorcery and alchemy. In this book, the magic is rampant, and O’Malley is the master magician casting the spells.


Brilliant storytelling. This book will have you on the edge of your seat, and then going, ‘Wow,’ at the depth and texture of the wonderful rich writing. The descriptive passages are out of this world, the  imagination spectacular and the character building perfection.

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