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Review of Chasing Fireflies by K.C. Poitras

Chasing Fireflies by K.C.Poitras

This is one for the believers in true love. Storyteling at its best.


Everybody dies, and you end up alone. After one tragedy follows another, that’s what happened to Rachel. She’s brought up by her brother after her parent’s death—until he’s gone too. Faced with too many memories, she leaves town for good.


Rachel is a cake decorator and sometimes works on the baked goods counter—and her homemade cookies can sprinkle sunshine over the saddest little girl. That’s how she meets the identical twins Cassidy and Claire. She’s drawn to them because she senses in them a sadness—like her own.


Devin’s a smooth one, the little girls’ father with a shady underworld past. He falls for Rachel, and despite her standoffish way with him, he always gets what he wants.


He gives up the business for her and his girls. They live an idyllic life. And, they are happy—until tragedy strikes again.


A beautiful story of life, love, loss and rebuilding. Stunning romance with a classic twist.




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