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Review of Dancing with Holly by Mark

I was looking forward to reviewing this one. I like this guy’s writing, and really enjoyed this story.

The government is running a top-level social experiment. A couple is set up in a cosy home to live together. The crux is that she isn’t a she. Holly is AI (Artificial Intelligence) in humanoid female form. I’m not going to tell you any more about the plot than that—except, it gets sinister and dangerous. Things don’t go to plan, and there’s a cracking twist that you won’t see coming.

The story is tense and pacey. Keeps you guessing, and the twist is excellent.

But the two stand-out things that make this book a fantastic read are the description and the humour. Wow. And some of the descriptive phrasing is just beautiful. It almost had me laughing out loud more than once.

The description is perfect

The pace is good, the description is beautiful.

The humour makes it special.

And when you’ve  read th book, the title is poignant.

One to look out for later in the year.





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