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Review of Face of Duplicity by Faye & George Chamberlain.

Face of Duplicity is the second book in this series and follows the very popular Connections Past.


We follow Jeneva and the characters we came to love in book one, and in this story, they are even stronger.


However, if we think it’s all happy ever after and life is safe—we’re very wrong. The action takes place in Australia, and the description of the Great Barrier Reef with its dangerous Great White-infested waters is sublime. This is real edge-of-your-seat stuff. On a rescue mission in the murderous water, the reader can feel the tension building on every word as time runs out and the sharks approach.


The world is in trouble with global warming and other very real threats. Dexter fights forest fires and puts his own life in danger deep in the Australian bush. Jeneva and Maddy work tirelessly in the lab to come up with a new energy source for the world before it’s too late. And somebody is still out to get them.


The tension is fantastic, the description sublime, and in the softer moments, when the wetsuits are off, the relationships between the characters are thoughtful and beautifully written with tenderness.


Q: What is better than a talented author?


A: Two talented Authors.


In the real world, George and Faye Chamberlain are a retired married couple. Like devoted swans, they have been together forever and have begun a new chapter of their life as co-authors. I am fascinated by the mechanism of this. Who does the writing? When they disagree on a plot line, which of them has the deciding vote, or how do they reach a compromise? I’d love to know the inner workings of a dual-writing session. It’s a wonderful idea for any couple that wouldn’t end up killing each other. George and Faye seem to thrive on it.


Crack yourself a Bud, and settle down to  Face of Duplicity, the sequel to Connections Past.






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