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Review Of Fairytales Don't Come True: Volume 1 of the Criminal Conversation trilogy by Laura Lyndhurst

This is one of my favourite books of the year. It was a joy to read, and the story pulled me further into it with every page.


In this first book in the series, we meet Dora, an end-of-life palliative care nurse. She’s assigned a new client, a lady dying of cancer, and while hers is not to judge, she disapproves of this lady’s former lifestyle. Dora is working the night shift, and as is often the case when death is imminent, Mags wants to talk.


Over the final weeks of her life, she tells her story and Dora, a captive audience, has to listen. What a story it is. The lives of the two women from very different walks of life twine and intermingle, helped along by an array of fascinating supporting characters.


A brilliant read not to be missed. I loved it and was sorry when it ended—the mark of an excellent book.






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