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Review of Lulie’s Different Thanksgiving By Jacqueline Nuttall

A children’s book for our time.

Young minds haven’t changed much in a society where children have never been freer to be who they are. We talk about being inclusive, but children fear the unknown and fitting into your peer group is all-encompassing.

This story is charming. It takes one little girl’s fear about one social issue, vegetarianism—but the message would be the same for any child. Being ‘different’ is okay. Embrace who you are and be what you want to be.

Fitting in at school affects most children. Your child will experience a lovely story with beautiful pictures. However, with the correct prompting, this book is an ideal lead-in. It will encourage young children to open up to their parents during reading time and talk about their concerns.

A beautiful, illustrated storybook to help children understand their world. Perfect for parents to read to very young children. And just as good for a slightly older child learning to read, with some new words to challenge them.

A story with a message to add to your child’s library.




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