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Review of Rapid Eye Movement by Amanda Sheridan

I first saw this book recommended on a Facebook writing group. There were several positive comments and reviews from members who had read it, and it piqued my interest.

Two women dreaming each other’s lives sounded right up my alley. Come to the word Psychological and add a thriller to it, and my eager fingers were reaching for my Amazon account to buy it.

It doesn’t disappoint.


Two women suffer life-threatening accidents, one in The Yorkshire Dales, England, the other in beautiful (warm) Cyprus. They experience each other’s events when they close their eyes and dream. Through some shared-experience interconnection—or so it seems—their lives are linked.




Then the question is asked: What happens to the other if one of them stops dreaming?


Got you yet? It was enough to trap me. Add some beautiful descriptive passages of two very different lives and locations. The book carries you from one page to the next. We have romance, conflict, and brilliant storytelling.  Of course, it gets sinister. The clue’s in the genre.


Who is this other woman?  And what’s going on?


If the book leaves you wanting more from this great author. This isn’t her only title. We meet up with the characters we’ve come to care about again in The Dreaming.


I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come from Ms Sheridan in the future.






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