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Review of Waiting in Wattlevale by Greta Harvey

This is the second book I’ve read by this author, and what a gem it is.


Peony’s our girl. She’s fully compliant and taking a caregiver’s job in the beautiful Wattlevale care home. Peony has a lot to learn but a heartful of good intentions to learn it with.

There are two types of carers: people taking an often low-paid job—and those that care.

We follow the staff and the service users through their daily life. Some of the anecdotes and personalities are funny, while some are heartbreaking, this book is one to stir emotions.

Like carers, there are two types of family—those that care and those that don’t.


The book is placed in a fictional setting, with fictional characters, but it could teach some very real care homes how to do it.


A brilliant, well-written read. I’ve booked my place in Wattlevale—what about you?





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