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Review of; The Faraway Kingdom of Ume by Michalina Ogejo

The Faraway Kingdom of Ume by Michalina Ogejo


The perfect fairytale. Every element it should have is carefully put in the mixing bowl and stirred into a creamy batter to make the perfect fairytale.


Although it’s pure Grimm—it has a new and modern feel. The child-stealing monster is a half-human-half gorilla. It’s an image the child learning to read can easily conjure in their minds as they read along.


The recipe is perfect. We have the set-up, catalyst, conflict, resolution, and of course, the fairytale isn’t just that without the happy ending.


What I loved most about this story is that the writing is intelligent. The author doesn’t talk down to her young readers. Some words will challenge them. A child doesn’t have to understand every word in the book—if they do, it’s too young for them. This story is marketed toward the 6-9-year-old reader. It’s great to read along with their parent or guardian, but perfect to follow the words and read as one of the class books a child is expected to read as part of the curriculum. I would encourage the author to market this story to primary schools.


Excellent pace, gorgeous description and a tale that will withstand the test of time and outlast the next Roadblock or Minecraft games.


Highly recommended for young imaginations.





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