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Review of The Artemis War Chronicles Box Set. (The Cassidy Chronicles) by Adam Gaffen

Futuristic sci-fi at its best. Techie nerds, sci-fi nerds, and nerds in general will love this series of books. Let me just say there is nothing wrong with being a nerd—138,000 Magic the Gathering cards (including one worth $650); tell me, I’m not mistaken.


Ken and Cass are excited—it’s their wedding day. However, they are interrupted by an uninvited guest in the form of a mysterious assassin. They have to hot-tail it out of Dodge mighty quick. What do they know that could get them killed? They haven’t a clue. They never even got to find out how good the wedding cake was.


Amid much gadgetry and gizmo usage, the girls leg-it over the US and pass through many states—but as this is set in the year 2113, it’s a very different United States of America than the one we identify with, and they aren’t so united.


Heinlein fans will love these books. As well as a good smattering of humour to drive the pace, we regularly reference past times and the ancient pop culture that is today’s world. Gaffen’s imagination spits out some high-tech and incredible advancements in science, technology and life. His world-building skills are epic.

You can buy the series individually, with great covers, visually; they would grace any bookshelf. However, I bought the box set on Kindle at a very reasonable price. Five-for-One works for me.  Gaffen is a master of the genre and has built a strong following—these are not his only books!

Thrills, spills, girls and gadgets—what more could you want? Okay, add humour, referencing that’ll make you smile, a whole new world (unfortunately, Jordan is long dead, so can’t be punished for that)—and a road trip. Bring out the big guns, settle yourself in for the ride and grab these books—they will certainly grab you.

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