Best Book Editors

 Author Interview Jorge Sánchez López

We would like to introduce Jorge Sánchez López, Author of Dry Ice, a crime and drama novel published by Canadian press Clublighthouse Publishing and Nunca debiste atravesar esos parajes, by Extravertida, a company located in Seville. The latter will be translated into English with the name of Deep Into the Heathen Wilderness. He writes short… Continue reading  Author Interview Jorge Sánchez López

Jenna O’Malley for  Editing on bound by Oath and Heart

OMG, Wonderful Thank you I’ve just finished reading through the returned first pass for Book 2. I have to congratulate Katherine on her patience and honesty. While I knew the beginning of the draft wasn’t horrific, I warned her to watch out for it when it went downhill. Indeed, the slide was messy and full… Continue reading Jenna O’Malley for  Editing on bound by Oath and Heart

2 June 2021 Iguanas and Catflaps

We waited for ten minutes yesterday to get a video of Trev coming in through the catflap and the dog’s excitement at said event. But there’s this thing with iguanas. They are the cleverest animals on the planet. And their first example of this genius is keeping it hidden from their humans. Their superpower costume… Continue reading 2 June 2021 Iguanas and Catflaps