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A Daily Celebration by Joslin Fitzgerald

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ATTENTION… READERS from all over the world. DO YOU WANT TO READ AN ADULT BOOK THAT HAS BEEN DONE IN LIVING COLOR. DO YOU WANT TO OWN A BOOK WHERE EACH PAGE HAS BEAUTIFUL PICTURES FOR THE BACKGROUND. DO YOU WANT TO HAVE AND HOLD A BOOK THAT CONTAINS ORIGINAL, ONE-OF-A- KIND, UPLIFTING, TWO SENTENCE QUOTES…Quotes that have never been seen before, also that cannot be found anywhere else in THE WORLD! Well, if you do… Thank you for buying this beautiful One-Of-A-Kind inspirational journal. In your purchase you have essentially acquired 4 BOOKS IN ONE. In this unique situation and One-of-a-Kind transfer, will Love the insight and comfort found in many different reading locations and situations. And as A DAILY CELEBRATION UNVEILS MANY EXCITING HIDDEN SURPRISES FOUND INSIDE. Going down the Merry road that will take you where you want to go. In that enticing and inquisitive introduction, you will love that these 365 Original Quotes are each Only TWO SENTENCES LONG. Additionally, you will love that these short heart-to-heart thoughts will make each quote easy to read. You will also appreciate the Large font that has been provided. In that unique creation and diligence found in this journal, you will additionally love that the writing on Each page has been Uniquely Featured on Gorgeous Colorful Background Pictures giving each month an exclusive colorful beauty of its own. Additionally, making this a different kind of book for Adults you will love that the 365 quotes are highlighted by the seasons and the coordinating Holidays.

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This book is a collection of uplifting quotes. It gives the reader a daily affirmation to kick-start us. Fitzgerald’s writing is positive, providing a hit of motivation to brighten dull moments and tough days. The book is inspirational and designed as a celebration of life.

The one-quote format makes it easily digestible, letting readers incorporate positivity into their daily routine. Every day starts with optimism and it tells readers to grab life with gratitude and enjoy it.

On a personal note, I’ve just been put on some medication and I don’t enjoy having to take regular tablets for the first time in my life, so I take my pills with Joslin’s quote for the day and it makes me smile—and makes the tablets easier to swallow. March 11th is my favourite quote so far. (I read ahead and finished the book to be able to write the review.) Now I’m back to reading them one-a-day.


Joslin Fitzgerald is inspiring and her warmth makes A Daily Celebration a remarkable gift for loved ones or a companion for people looking for inspiration. Her enthusiasm for life shines through the words, creating a lovely reading experience. If you’re navigating challenges or looking for a positive start to the day, this collection encourages you to find beauty in every moment. Fitzgerald’s quotes remind us that joy can be found in the everyday, making this book a must for anybody that needs a lift.


About Joslin Fitzgerald

Joslin Fitzgerald is a professional author whose writing is known all over the world.

She’s appreciated for her beautiful one-of-a-kind fairytales found inside her 18 exciting children’s books. Writing fun, exciting books that each teach valuable life lessons to children and adults alike Joslin loves bringing magic and cool unseen characters into their life.

She additionally has five books that have been professionally turned into 30 minute animated movies. And in a new endeavor she’s currently working with an Oscar winning screen writer who is talking to several Hollywood agents about making these books/ movies into cartoons for TV.

But as much as Joslin loves writing children’s books she just recently ventured off into the world of adult writing. And putting out her first inspirational self exploration guiding book called A DAILY CELEBRATION.

Joslin hopes to bring some peace into her reader’s life during a time where they need some comfort and insight.

Joslin has been writing for 25 years and she continues to get excited about each book that she has written and that she continues to write. In her writing it is her desire to make this world better one child and adult at a time.


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5.0 out of 5 stars A Daily Celebration By Joslin Fitzgerald

Reviewed in the United States on 26 January 2024

Ryan P
5.0 out of 5 stars Just what I needed

Reviewed in the United States on 20 January 2024



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