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A Parthenon on our Roof by Peter Barber

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One of my favourite books this year. I adored every word of this. I’m a sucker for anything travel or culture related and this book was right up my taverna-intensive alley. It’s the story of a typical Brit bloke, trying to find his slot when he marries into a typical Greek family. It’s brilliant.  Funny, funny, funny and an interesting slice of somebody else’s life. Perfect fly-on-the-wall reading.

Every chapter begins with a cartoon illustration. I enjoyed looking at them to see what was coming up in that chapter. When you get to the one of Peter hanging onto a mule’s neck you’re in for a treat.  

This leads me neatly into the humour and humanity of this book. I don’t laugh out loud. I might give a little internal smile at something mildly amusing. However, Peter and the mule smacked me right on my funny bone, and it was hilarious. And that’s down to the comic timing and delivery of the writing. I even read an excerpt out loud to my other half. The book’s a light read, it’s easy and pacey and a sunshine delight.

What comes across is the love between Alexandra and Peter. We’d all like to know that our partners held us in such high regard. Mind, it took a brave man to take her on, she’s a Greek fire-cracker. Without it ever lapsing into mushy, it’s a delight to read.

Make this your book of the summer, or the one to drag you through the winter. It educates about a different way of life without preaching, It’s sweet, funny and reminiscent of Bill Bryson’s Postcards of…

Buy it, read it, pass it on, and love it. I’m looking forward to the sequel,  A Parthenon in Pefki.


About Peter Barber


Award-winning and Bestselling Author Peter Barber is a native Londoner living between England and Greece. Marrying his fiery Greek wife Alexandra not only made him part of a Greek family but also immersed him in Greek life and culture. Fascinated by the people, history and traditions, Peter dove in head first. He wished to be among the locals and experience Greek life first-hand.

From his cultural and language flubs to the trials and tribulations of life in Greece, Peter sometimes got more than he bargained for. But with his signature wit, he found humor in their escapades. And, as he learned more about Greece’s history, his new family, and modern life in Greece, he knew he had to share his insights.

His humorous and heartfelt travel memoirs reveal the real Greece—not just sun and sea, but the wonderful people, rich history and culture. If you can’t get to Greece, live Greece through his books.

Peter is a proud member of the UK’s Society of Authors.




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