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A Town Called Epiphany by Helen Huber

Book Blurb

A sweeping fantasy adventure set in the ‘Wild West’. By turns exciting and moving, with heroes you’ll root for, and villains who are more than they seem, but with love and friendship at its heart.

England 1890: When her uncle is killed in mysterious circumstances, Cassandra Rosslyn absconds to the American frontier town of Epiphany to claim his legacy. Relishing her newfound freedom, ‘Wild Cass’, crack shot and saloon peacekeeper, teams up with US Marshal Joe Devlin to bring down the notorious McRory Gang. But Cissy Jenkins, the most eligible girl in town, wants what she can never have – and will do anything to get it. After a shocking act of treachery that sends ripples through time, Cass is forced onto an undreamt-of path, and into legend.

England 2016: Near burnout after years on the job, private investigator Havoc Devlin traces her great-great-grandmother’s footsteps to Epiphany. Like her ancestor, Havoc falls under Epiphany’s spell. Following clues in Cass’ secret memoirs, can she discover what lies hidden in the ancient barn on the McAllister ranch? Can she solve the enigma of tribal chieftain, Dyami, the other man who shaped Cass’ life?

Best Book Editors Review

Make this your ‘Must Read’ book of this year. The writing is stunning and the story is so riveting, that you need to remind yourself that you aren’t actually there.

A new author for me and what a fantastic surprise it was. We begin with a young girl leaving home to take up an inheritance. You can read the family dynamics. But she makes the huge decision to leave her world and family behind in the name of adventure. It’s many years before she sees England again.

In the late 1880s, you couldn’t fly to the USA in a few hours. We take the sea crossing and then have days of travelling across the land with Cassandra to a different life than she could ever imagine. I love anything to do with travel, and the description is sublime.

In my favourite part, later in the book, Cass is explaining something to an ally across a crowded room; how she does it is astounding. The writing is neither under nor overstated and it hits just right.

This story is epic and holds you captive for the duration. Sounds painful? It isn’t. Every word is a joy. We have gun fights and power struggles galore, but as Cass takes on the persona of Wild Cass Devlin and learns to fill her father’s boots, the beauty of this story is in the interrelationships. We follow her friendships and her lovers and live through her joy and heartbreak along the way.

The author doesn’t shy away from difficult choices. There are several life-affirming dilemmas that the characters have to face in this story. Choices can be hard.

And then in a bizarre twist, we have a supernatural element to the story that shouldn’t work. What the heck? But it’s perfect. The book wouldn’t be the same without it. 

We also have some modern-day descendants of Wild Cass Devlin investigating her story, which ties in with the supernatural element to segway us smoothly into Book Two, which I’m very much looking forward to. There’s a lot to this book.

An author with more talent than you can cock a gun at and is highly recommended.


About Helen Huber

Born in London to Irish parents, Helen Huber is the author of the ‘A Town Called Epiphany’ duology. Though book three is in the pipeline, the first two are a standalone duo. A bibliophile and collector of vintage action figures, Helen also dabbles in photography and computer graphics, and enjoys painting and sewing. She lives with her husband and pets in a Surrey village, and has invented stories all her life.







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