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Almost Human: Discovery Book 1 by Ashleigh Reverie

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The controlling and secretive New American Government has created a series of perfectly compliant, genetically modified human soldiers. Emotion, Independent thought and all forms of communication are forbidden. Their only purpose is to obey.

Used as a pawn in somebody else’s escape plan, Edel finds herself with unexpected freedom. She has been taught everything she needs to survive- except how to be human.

Danny is one of Harpton Main’s rich elite, but beneath the shiny surface of his perfect world lies a dangerous secret, frequent bouts of uncontrollable rage and endless questions about his origins.

A chance encounter with Edel leads to more questions than answers, and Danny will stop at nothing to discover the truth about himself.


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I’ve been looking forward to this, and I wasn’t disappointed. I messed up big time and accidentally read book 3 before book 1—but even knowing how the story develops much later, it didn’t detract from this one bit, and if anything, it added another layer of being able to go back and find out how it all began.

We say books, ‘Had me gripped from the first page.’ This book did that with knobs on. The opening scene is electric and an excellent opening precursor to the rest of the story.

In this story, we predominantly follow Jay and Edel–but we keep track of Danny’s story, too, until the two parties collide—and that’s explosive.

But the darling of this book is Edel. She is so absolutely human. The way the author describes her thoughts and feelings is sublime. Anybody who has ever felt that they don’t fit in will empathise with every word and moment of utter confusion.

The writing doesn’t bother to stop at brilliant, it just carries on to whatever is better than that.

I don’t read sci-fi, and this isn’t my genre of book at all—but it is still one of my favourite books of the last five years. Even the sci-fi elements, which would normally leave me cold, are so well written that I loved them. Ashley Reverie is a great writer. She understands moods and emotions and twists them until they snap. My favourite author ever is Dean Koontz and Ms Reverie can keep pace with him.

A highly recommended read and one not to be missed.


About Ashleigh Reverie

About the author

Ashleigh Reverie lives in the North of England with her husband and two children. She has silently nursed an obsession with the characters in her books for two decades before she decided to write them down. When she isn’t working hard on writing her stories, she is usually asleep in her hammock dreaming up new ones.

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