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August by Carolyn Ward-Daniels

Book Blurb

Orphaned at the age of seventeen, August Jackson put in practice what she had learned from her late mother. To work hard to keep a roof over your head and some food in the cupboard.

Pride doesn’t pay the bills, but it is a powerful fuel.

She thought life was cruel when her Mum died so young and her older brother abandoned her.

In 1986, a young but naive adult now, she finds out how despicable people can be. Yes, some people take advantage of nice worthy human beings. Is there any justice in this world ?


Best Book Editors Review

This beautiful novel captures the resilience of a young woman alone and on the bones of her backside. August Jackson lives in an attic hovel and works hard to maintain it.

The author’s narrative is brutal and honest as August faces adulthood with as much dignity as she can muster, but she hides herself to appear like everybody else. Circumstances and fragments of connection link her to another lady with her own set of problems. I like the Alicia and Sam characters, too.

The 1980s setting adds a touch of nostalgia, grounding the story in a vivid period that’s just far enough away from modern to be reminiscent of long hot summers and Ford cars. I loved the description, especially of the room where she lived, and the endeavours to make it habitable on a shoestring.

The author has created an empathetic protagonist who we can relate to. August deals with dark aspects of human nature, depicted with a realism that underscores the novel’s themes of justice. Every time she tries to get on track, something else knocks her down. It’s a gritty, emotionally charged novel showcasing the spirit of a woman determined to carve out a better life despite the odds.

A great read.







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