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Denzel's D*ck by DeAndra Bernard-Bernard

Book Blurb

“This book should come with a warning label.”
–Black Media Online

“Puts its finger on all of your triggers and pulls!”
–The Hood Chronicles

“Changes the genre forever.”
–Street Savvy Magazine

Best Book Editors Review

Denzel’s D*ck by  DeAndra Bernard-Bernard


It took a while for me to get on board with Dria, our protagonist. But this girl bleeds. It’s a book of choices, and how she sees and evaluates the people around her. I think she does some growing up by the end of the book and I found myself rooting for her all the way. Yeah, we’ve got the hot, raunchy sexiness that it says on the can—but what it doesn’t say is that we’ve got depth and values and opinions, too.

If the title bothers you, don’t go any further because you probably won’t like the style—but that might be a shame because the book isn’t as it seems. This story is written in its entirety in black culture urban slang and is a great example of excellent writing and storytelling. This one’s my surprise book of the year.

While it might not be to everybody’s taste, (read the can, guys!) it was very well written. There’s a real gem hidden in there, and the shades of sensitivity come at you from left side.

This book’s written by an author who has been around the spelling, grammar and punctuation block—twice! It was a surprising read, and I didn’t expect the writing, or the story to be as good as it is.

We even have the surprise ending. A solid 5 stars.










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