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Dorcas by C A Deegan

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Oh, come on. Who doesn’t love Dorcas? She’s great.

From her adorable, quirky speech pattern to her rolling pin, that’s never far from her hand to attack with, she’s perfect. In this book, we sidestep the ongoing saga and look at Dorcas’ life. Readers are treated to a compelling and darkly enchanting exploration of her past.

Dorcas, the Brownie, longstanding friend and Nanny to the Cracklock family, is an inspired character with a story to tell. She started life as a charming and very naughty brownie in Fae, and it was there that her character grew and developed into the girl we all love. The narrative takes us away from twinkling fairy songs to the dark corners of Fae. The story is a blend of intrigue, magic, and the consequence of innocent mischief gone too far.


The emotional depth given to the character is lovely. And we encounter mythical beings like Jenny Greenteeth ( I love her).  We find out the reasons behind Dorcas’ scrappy nature, as the story of ancient lore unfolds. The narrative is immersive and chilling and takes us to the intersection between the faery realm and our own, where we can flit between the two. The story is about friendships tested and how one little brownie will fight tooth and nail for the ones she loves.

And Dorcas does love so very fiercely.



About C A Deegan

C A Deegan lives in the East Midlands, right in the centre of the UK, and when he’s not writing or working, he’s with the family or walking the dog in the local woodlands with half an eye out for those ever-elusive Fae. The “Cracklock Saga” series of books came about from reading some pretty awful fairy books to his children over the years . But as he ground his way through these with gritted teeth, he always wondered what would happen if someone didn’t like fairies, what they would do about it, and could anybody stop them? This idea grew, and the Cracklocks were born. And boy, were they scary! Check out all things Cracklock at .



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