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Review of Hannah Banana and the Addition of Mary Berry by Amy Doslich

Book Blurb
The story of adding a new baby to the family told from a toddler’s perspective.

The perfect gift to give a toddler when their mom is about to have another baby! It starts with the mom having a baby in her tummy and ends with the sisters spending time together.

Hopefully your toddler will be an even better super sister/brother that will help with the dirty diapers!

I realize everyone’s journey of having and raising a baby is different because every baby is different.

This book is based on my own personal journey of having two girls.

I hope this book will allow for an engaging discussion with your toddler about what it’s like adding a baby to the family even if your journey is a little different.


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One of the best young-reader books I’ve read.

Amy Doslich takes readers on an endearing adventure through the eyes of a little girl, capturing the essence of adding a new baby to the family.

This heartwarming tale entertains young minds and is the perfect gift for any toddler whose family is expecting a new arrival.

Through delightful illustrations created by the author, and simple, accessible language, she skillfully depicts the journey of a family preparing for the arrival of a new baby.

From the initial excitement of a baby growing inside Mommy’s tummy to the special bond between sisters, the author manages to capture the range of emotions experienced during what can be a confusing and transformative time.
The author draws on her own experiences to create a relatable and authentic narrative. While acknowledging that every family’s journey is unique.

The illustrations are vibrant, captivating, and perfectly complement the story. The adorable characters and their expressive faces bring the narrative to life, engaging children with Hanna’s sassy dialogue—she’d prefer a bunny.

A heartwarming and beautifully crafted book that touches on the challenges of welcoming a new baby into the family. This book is a must-have addition to any young  child’s library. It serves as a valuable tool for guardians to facilitate meaningful conversations about the changes that come with the arrival of a new sibling. Hannah Banana and the Addition of Mary Berry is a gem that will be a firm favourite with children. Perfect for primary/elementary school libraries.


Amy Doslich



in Houston, The United States


I am so glad to become a writer and illustrator. It has been a very fun process. I live in Southlake, TX with my husband, my 5 year old daughter (Hannah), my 1 year old daughter (Mary), and my 13lb Pomeranian (Snowball). I also work as a retirement actuary, so as you can imagine I have quite a bit going on! However, I hope to add more books soon about my two wonderful daughters that hopefully your children can relate to as well.



A sweet book to introduce the idea of a new baby to a toddler

What a sweet little book! I can’t wait to see Hannah and Mary’s adventures as they grow together. From this book it looks like Hannah will be a wonderful big sister. This book would have helped me adjust to the idea of a new baby brother many years ago! Or I may have still asked my mom to take him back to the hospital … haha.

Cute Story for Siblings-to-be

Hannah Banana and the Addition of Mary Berry us a cute story, the second in the series. It seems like the perfect story to share with children that are about to be promoted to older sibling status. The illustration are done in an interesting style that seems like a mixture of photographs and hand-drawn pictures. They will certainly pique the curiosity of children! Hannah is very relatable and the story is sweet.

Book review
Author Amy Doslich
Book Hanna Banana and the Mary Berry
This is such a cute story …kid’s laughed through the whole book This is a great book for any kid waiting on a new baby ❤️ we love Hannah Banana 🍌



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