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Independent River by Kristen Bobbitt

Pre-publication review of this excellent story –so not the real book cover, just a mock-up for illustration purposes. 

Best Book Editors Review

Independent River is a beautifully written love story set against the breathtaking backdrop of Canada’s wilderness. The author’s passion for the outdoors, and knowledge, shines through every page, immersing readers in the stunning landscapes and thrilling adventures of the women-only outward-bound trips. The fledgling company is set up by, Bristol, our central character, hot on the heels of her divorce. We are given a free golden ticket to join the maiden camping and kayaking trip. The travelogue elements are skilfully woven into the narrative, providing a vivid read with every page painting a landscape. And the concise but action-packed format of the book gives us a compelling story with well-researched details.


The characters in Independent River are likeable and relatable, adding depth to the narrative. While the story follows the classic arc of a love story, it’s injected with additional layers making it so much more. I loved the description of ‘place’ but we also have Bristol’s defining herself and exploring the complexities of relationships and personal growth. The pacing is perfect, keeping the reader engaged throughout.


I have to mention the placement description again because it made this book for me. Beyond the love story, it excels in its sublime descriptions of the Canadian wilderness, I was captivated and it made me want to visit. Bristol takes us to the heart of the wilderness and we feel the pulse of the adventure as we read. The story is a celebration of love and the resilience of the human spirit. No spoilers, but the first trip isn’t without incident and the pace and tension are excellent The narrative and vivid characters are second only to the drama of River herself. And you have to read about Summit, she’s my favourite character.




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