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One Blue Shoe by Molly Garcia

Book Blurb

An ordinary couple find themselves entangled in a web of lies and guilt when they accidentally hit a young girl on a stormy night. Choosing to conceal the tragic incident, their secret becomes a ticking time bomb threatening to destroy their lives.

DCI Anna Moore looks into Daisy’s sudden disappearance and her investigation leads her to Oak Street, where some of the residents are hiding dark secrets behind their outwardly surburan lives.
As Anna inches closer to unveiling the truth, the couple’s guilt grows, fueling their paranoia and leading to catastrophic consequences.

Will she expose the sinister secrets hidden behind closed doors or will the truth be buried forever?

“One Blue Shoe” is a heart-stopping thriller that will leave readers questioning just how far they would go to protect their own secret


Best Book Editors Review

Great easy-reading style and relatable characters–we all know them!

One Blue Shoe is a well-crafted story. A good sense of setting grounds the narrative with a feeling of placement. Very much a character-driven book, we get to know them all and discover their dark and dirties as the book plays out.

It’s great.

It grabbed me from the first page, and after a terrible event, when the MCs go home, we come to know their street and the people living on it well. The phrase that kept coming to mind was, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. I’m glad they aren’t my neighbours!  

Fans of atmospheric writing will be at home with this book. The style is fast and easy and the pages grab your hand to make you flick over to the next.

The writing style resembles Frieda McFadden and Louise Penny’s books, weaving intricate plots with a touch of humour. Like McFadden and Penny, Molly Garcia creates vivid characters that feel relatable, making this an engaging read. I love that a lot of the characters aren’t likeable—in real life and on any given street, you wouldn’t like everybody living there.

A great blend of mystery and human nature. With compelling characters and a plot that unfolds at a good pace, this book is a must for anybody looking for a refreshing read.


About Molly Garcia

About the author

I was born in Buckinghamshire in the 1970s and at 17 I began working in mental health in the NHS. I have over 30 years experience of working in social care for charities and a housing organisation which forms the basis for a lot of the characters in my books. In between that work I have been the landlady of a pub in the UK and worked in bars in Spain.

I lived in Spain for 7 years from the late 1990s and have since returned there which has given me the opportunity to finally start writing.

I live with my partner of over 30 years and we have two grown up “children”.

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