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Review of The Night Visitors by Aerona Gray

Book Blurb

A reckless fixation. A terrifying result.

Rona’s interest in military and intelligence subjects, which began as research for her book series, turns into an obsession with the world of spies and Special Forces. As she delves deeper, her interest provokes responses that include strange incidents in her home, mostly at night. Is she being monitored, or is it her overactive imagination?

Other people insist any monitoring couldn’t possibly be happening, especially when it goes on for so long. She is left with the mysterious, unexplained occurrences and a growing sense of alarm.

Whatever the cause of the bizarre events, it gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘Things that go bump in the night.’

Best Book Editors Review

This is an outstanding novel that keeps you wondering from beginning to end.


Gray’s writing style is engaging and the plot is captivating, taking readers into the world of espionage and surveillance. This lady is in the top drawer of indie publishing and can stand up with the mainstream published books and be proud. Her level of research into her subject is astounding—and therein lies the start of her problems.

The main character, Rona, is a fascinating protagonist who is relatable and well-developed. She’s middle-aged and paranoid—or is she? You see the same person twice, he has to be following you, right?  As she becomes more obsessed with the world of spies and Special Forces, readers are drawn into her world and her experiences. Gray expertly weaves together a suspenseful tale of intrigue and danger that keeps readers guessing until the end.

The mystery surrounding the strange incidents in Rona’s home is well-executed, as she creates an atmosphere of tension and unease that permeates the book. The way she handles the pacing of the story is masterful, as she knows when to ramp up the tension. You sway until you’re seasick, she’s paranoid, she’s not. It’s real, it isn’t.

It’s a book about the human condition and how isolating it can be to reach middle age alone, and not be believed. It’s absolutely plot-driven, but there’s an underlying thread of such human vulnerability, beautifully written and highly recommended.

This book has a BBE Recommended Read Award. 

A well written, true account of a writer’s harrowing experiences when she researches and delves into the world of the SAS, MI5, and MI6. She becomes paranoid when faced with strange unexplainable activity within her household, and believes she is being followed. Are the slamming of doors, the ringing of her doorbell at night, the light switches activating for no reason, and the mysterious footsteps caused by British Intelligence, or are the occurences triggered by ghostly visitors? A most enjoyable and compelling read.

I could not put this book down, the mix between daily life and the strange goings on had me gripped! Very cleverly written; the suspense keeps building and building.

This is an exciting “story”, made all the more amazing by the knowledge that it is based on the authors real life experiences as recorded in her diaries, and obviously still vividly remembered by her !
I think it could make a good TV drama .
Will keep you alert and guessing…



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