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Simon: Superhero Continuum by Lucas W. Mayberry

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“Before I start, you need to understand that everything you knew before about Simon was a lie” – Arthur.

Morgana and Unwin have kidnapped the world leaders in a diabolically evil plan that will put the lives of everybody on Earth at risk. With Simon stuck sixty-five million years in the past, they might just win.

Simon must get home. But first, he must travel through time and space. On his journey, he meets new friends and new enemies and, confusingly, old friends he has met before but not for the first time – Huh!

Vasia, stuck in a coma after being shot, discovers she has a supernatural journey of her own. When she meets the mysterious Ronan, he takes her on a trip where she discovers some startling truths that will transform her life forever.

Strap yourself in for the third instalment of ‘Not Your Average Chronicles’. In a story sixty-five million years in the making, nobody or nothing is what it seems.

Best Book Editors Review

Simon: Superhero Continuum.

This book is AMAZING. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would, but a very well-deserved BBE Recommended Read Award goes out with this one.

This is Book 3 in the Simon series and picks up immediately where Book 2 left off, but only for a second in time and space. Wow, we pick up, and then we go elsewhere—and you won’t believe where!

From the first two words, ‘Help me,’ this book picked me up and carried me along to the end and beyond. I say beyond because it’s going to stay with me for a long time, and certainly whenever a certain king is mentioned.

Do you want surprises? – this book has them.
Do you want twists?—this book has them.

I’ll even use the cliché jaw-dropping. I’m usually pretty good at picking up on things—but nope, didn’t see them coming at me.

And onto the serious side of the book, the research and description is just fantastic. And the general premise of the timeline and placement is inspired. Brilliantly done and clever. I was gripped by the place and time settings, and the way the author brought them to life. His research was spot-on and this book is a joy to read.

A BBE top recommendation for 2023/2024. If you only read one book—read this one. Excellent!



Lucas W. Mayberry

So, what can I say about myself. Firstly, I live in Luton, Bedfordshire with my beautiful wife, Susan and our handsome little boy, John, who has autism.

By day I work as an IT Database Analyst at the head office of a well-known motorway service station operator. I basically make sure all the data, promotion and sales are all correct on the system.

Aside from writing and reading I like to run, and I have competed in a marathon and couple of half marathons. I have traced my family tree with great results. I managed to trace the Mayberry branch to 16th Century Gloucester to John Mayberry born in 1545. I believe either him or his parents came over from France, but I have never been able to get conclusive proof of that. I traced another branch of my tree to a Sarah Gordon born circa 1700 who was quite possibly an aristocrat with some royal blood as she lived in a castle in Wales.

For my sins, I am an Arsenal supporter. We have had a cracking start to the Premier League this year though, so I am proud of that.

As mentioned above I live in Luton but I originally from Leighton Buzzard down the road. A small town mainly famous for Kajagogoo and Mary Norton, the author of The Borrowers. Incidentally her big old home where she based some of her stories from formed the main building of my old middle school. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any Borrowers during my time there.

I am half Welsh on my dad’s side. He was born near Pontypridd, but his dad died just before he was born and due to money issues, his mum sold up and moved him and his sister all the way to Newquay, Cornwall where he grew up until he met my mum who is originally from Plymouth.








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