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Tell Me Your Secrets by Molly Garcia

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When DCI Greggs is called to the scene of a domestic murder, it looks as though the perpetrator is the victim’s husband. Jimmy claims to have no memory of what happened, and with the police increasingly sure that he’s lying, can Ethan prove otherwise?

Meanwhile, Kevin finds himself being drawn deeper into Ray’s dark world, where violence solves everything, and he starts to question if he can protect his integrity.


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Like the other three books in this brilliant series, this novel is a cleverly interconnected crime and moral dilemma set up. DCI Greggs is summoned to a grim domestic murder scene, where all evidence points to the victim’s husband. The book builds in suspense and uncertainty, as Jimmy’s claims of amnesia clash with the police’s belief that he’s guilty. The twists explore the complexities of amnesia over truth, when the former is so difficult to diagnose and the MC seeks help from an unlikely source. This is an act that makes him battle his personal morals and beliefs.

Parallel to the murder investigation, Ray’s violent world tests boundaries and the tension adds depth to the story. A book that delves into the darker aspects of human nature. This book is a great read for fans of crime dramas, offering an exploration of guilt, innocence, and the grey areas in between.

A great read for summers on the beach or cosy winter nights by the fire.


About Molly Garcia

About the author

I was born in Buckinghamshire in the 1970s and at 17 I began working in mental health in the NHS. I have over 30 years experience of working in social care for charities and a housing organisation which forms the basis for a lot of the characters in my books. In between that work I have been the landlady of a pub in the UK and worked in bars in Spain.

I lived in Spain for 7 years from the late 1990s and have since returned there which has given me the opportunity to finally start writing.

I live with my partner of over 30 years and we have two grown up “children”.

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