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The Circle is Broken by R W Biga

Book Blurb

When Kyle receives a phone call from a stranger telling him that the circle is broken, he knows what he must do. He needs to contact the people from his past, and together, they need to do what is right, even if it means dropping everything.

Back in his hometown of Woodbrook, Kyle is flooded with memories of his teenage years, some great, and some he still needs to piece together. As he waits for his childhood friends to arrive, he can’t help but wonder whether they’ve changed for the better, for the worse, or whether they’ve changed at all. Either way, they need to fix the circle, but he knows some of them won’t make it easy. Will they help Kyle do what is right?


Best Book Editors Review

One of very few books that has grabbed me on the first page lately. This has some brilliant hooks.

Kyle receives a mysterious phone call saying ‘The circle is broken,’ That’s enough, right? You want to read on to find out what it’s all about.

Very quickly we learn about a promise that six friends made when they were youngsters after only meeting as a group twice. The book draws us very cleverly towards that promise, but we don’t find out what it was until the end of the book.

A charming coming-of-age tale that tells the stories of back-then and right-now.

What I most enjoyed about this book was the feeling it gave me of being real. Six friends, who hardly knew each other back then, aren’t all going to be likeable years later. And they aren’t. Alex may be redeemable, but even by the end of the book I don’t hold out a lot of hope for much change. That’s what I mean about the book being real. People do say they’re going to change but they don’t always manage it.

The story keeps pulling you back in because the people read like real characters. You could meet them in a bar or in the dentist’s waiting room.

Great hooks, great intrigue and well-thought-out characters.





RW Biga is an author based out of Chicago. He currently works in Information Technology and writes in his free time. His debut novel is The Education of Adam and he is in the process of getting his second one on Amazon KDP.

He cites his influences as Stephen King, Ray Bradbury and Dean Koontz.



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