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The Coins O` The Realms: The Cracklock Saga by C A Deegan

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Book 5 – The Coins O` The Realms


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The Coins O` The Realms by C.A. Deegan captivated me. The plot is gripping and skilfully built in layers as it unfolds. The characters—my favourite is Clara this time around—are fantastic. And the story introduces us to new treacherous drama through the eyes of the compelling characters.


One standout element of the writing is the impeccable placement description. Every location, from Nathaniel’s house, to Clara’s cottage, and the village with the inviting tavern, is vividly brought to life. The atmospheric quality is palpable, and during scenes like the walk through the village, or the visit to Clara’s house, the tension is masterfully crafted. Deegan’s ability to transport the reader to these places is immersive and you can almost feel the wind at the top of the lighthouse.


The strength of plot, the well-drawn characters, and the immaculate horror elements create a gripping tale. The overall sense of horror is executed with finesse. The characters, including the brilliantly written, Sophia, and the charismatic Clara, showcase Deegan’s prowess in character development. The humour sprinkled throughout, adds a nice touch to the story. “The Coins O` The Realms” is a brilliant, atmospheric, and beautifully written novel that I very much enjoyed—I recommend this as a must buy for everybody.


About C A Deegan

C A Deegan lives in the East Midlands, right in the centre of the UK, and when he’s not writing or working, he’s with the family or walking the dog in the local woodlands with half an eye out for those ever-elusive Fae. The “Cracklock Saga” series of books came about from reading some pretty awful fairy books to his children over the years . But as he ground his way through these with gritted teeth, he always wondered what would happen if someone didn’t like fairies, what they would do about it, and could anybody stop them? This idea grew, and the Cracklocks were born. And boy, were they scary! Check out all things Cracklock at .

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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 November 2023

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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 October 2023

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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 December 2022



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