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The Eternal Chain by Anthony Hulse

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France, June 6th, 1944.
After finding themselves separated from their unit, six British soldiers of the 6th Airborne Division encounter a band of gipsies. Two of the soldiers rape a girl and murder her boyfriend, before turning their weapons on the vengeful group.

Madame Carmen Baptiste, the bandolier of the gipsies, places a curse on the six aggressors and their offspring for generations to come.

Sixty years later, and the granddaughter of one of the damned, barrister, Nina Corbett, attempts to contact the other five cursed ancestors. Each curse is unrelated, and all are subjected to horrific experiences, including terrifying spirits.

A sequence of unusual events results in the group assembling for a harrowing and blood-curdling conclusion.

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This isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve read several books by Anthony Hulse and will be back to read more. His imagination and story-telling ability are fantastic. And he never backs away from anything.  

The Eternal Chain held me spellbound. In this horror story, he had me hooked from the first page. He gets straight in there, and I like that. Who doesn’t love a band of gipsies and an old curse?


His attention to character development is good, breathing life into a diverse cast of characters, each given a unique disadvantage, that evolves with them as the story unfolds. We follow six people and flashback to their recent ancestry in previous generations. Hulse masterfully strikes a balance between a propulsive plot and great people. Every revelation and twist felt organic and unforced.


The supernatural element, cultural nuances, and the curse linking the characters together contribute to a great book. Anthony Hulse is a prolific writer, with more than twenty (possibly more than 30) titles to choose from.

I’ll be back

About Anthony Hulse

I live in the northeast of England, UK and opted for early retirement from Corus thirteen years ago in order to concentrate on writing.

In 2003, I had three novels published, but the companies went out of business. Within the last thirteen years, I decided to self-publish, and to date, I have thirty-two books published in print and ebook format.

I have written fifty-five short stories; five of which were accepted into anthologies. My genre is mostly psychological thrillers and horror, but have written a biography of a friend and also a novel concerning the Holocaust.

I am in the process of republishing my books with KDP and enrolling them in the free Kindle United facility.

I pride myself on being a prolific writer, and my plots usually involve complex twists, which keep the reader guessing until the final pages. I welcome all reviews and hope you enjoy my books.

Thank you.

Anthony Hulse.




Tom Elder

Fast paced.
The Eternal Chain.
In my opinion this is the authors best book to date.
If you read one book this year make this book the one. It is one of the best books I have read this year. The book starts in June 1944 in France when a troop of soldiers are in this remote village and meet up with a band of gypsies, two of the soldiers rape a gypsy and murder her boyfriend. The old gypsie then put a curse on this band of soldiers and their children and childrens children. The rest of the book goes along at a fast pace and follows the relatives misfortunes, all the way to the end. Highly recommended read.

Aldo Ray Fan

Original and compelling read!


An exceptional read with an unexpected, yet marvellous ending. The overall plot was original and well thought out. A book I had to read in its entirety. I simply could not put it down.


Dave D’aguanno

An exceptional read with an unexpected, yet marvellous ending. The overall plot was original and well thought out. A book I had to read in its entirety. I simply could not put it down



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