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The Ghosts of Roseby Hall by Jeanette Taylor Ford

Book Blurb

This book has been awarded the Indie B.R.A.G. medallion

On her first visit to her parent’s new home in Derbyshire, Beth Watson hears the whispered call coming from the old ruined mansion next door. Captivated by Roseby Hall, and disillusioned with her job and her unfaithful fiancé, she leaves her life in London to make a new life – and, rediscovering her talent for art, embarks upon a new venture as an artist of note and partner in the new craft shop in the village.

Soon, she has two men in her life – Rick, the attractive twin brother of Beth’s new friend Rachel, and the other a devastatingly handsome Earl.

One is puzzling – and the other is a ghost.

Beth finds herself struggling to understand her feelings for them both and dealing with the confusion within. But someone in the village knows that Beth is now caught up in a race against time, which could end with her untimely death, and there’s only one person who can prevent it.

Best Book Editors Review

I’m happy with a good old ghost story, any day. This book’s a good blend of romance, mystery, period, and the supernatural. Beth moves to a small village in Derbyshire, England, and the descriptions of the scenery are breathtaking. This is another biggie for me. The vivid descriptions of Roseby Hall (the little hall, too) the characters and the setting bring the book to life. The new and otherworldly characters are cleverly interwoven, with a satisfying mystery for readers to unravel.


A mix of the ethereal and the earthly brings love, betrayal, and the supernatural. The threat of death injects urgency and excitement into the quaint pleasantness and the author’s skilful storytelling, and rich character development, make this an engaging read. The ideal story for people who like a blend of hostory, period settings, romance, and the supernatural.


About Jeanette Taylor Ford

I’m a multi-genre author who has allowed my fascination with old buildings colour my writing; which has produced a few ghostly tales with a difference. My Castell Glas Trilogy, inspired by the wonderful Gwrych Castle in North Wales ran into fantasy, with not only ghosts but witches too and so many other unexpected people, all mixed together to form a riveting tale.

A four hundred year old house inspired my popular River View Series, which has been a joy to write, although I never intended to write crime! Set in my beloved Herefordshire, I’ve loved living there again in my mind and associating with my characters who reside in the village of Sutton-on-Wye, along my two detectives, D.I. Dan Cooke and D.S. Graham Grant.

My Robin’s Ring trilogy for children, although not reflected in reviews on Amazon, are loved by all children who have come into contact with them and I love visiting schools to interact with the pupils.

My retirement from my job as a teaching assistant has given me the opportunity to indulge my love of writing and I ask for no more than to give pleasure to my readers, although I’m thrilled to be the recipient of four awards. When not writing, I’m making cards or doing other crafts, exploring my Family History and all sorts of other things. I am married to Tony, a retired teacher, and we have six children and eight grandchildren. We live near Nottingham, England.







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