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S. Lee Glick

Stephen Lee Glick is the author of several genre-blending novels, most notably, There’s Something Wrong with Joey, a horror book set in the 1970s , and most recently Neural Verse in 2023. A fast-paced novel where horror and sci-fi collide with gangland crime.


Kylee Adams is The Chosen One.

Not that she had any say in the matter.

Dive headfirst into the adrenalized world of Neural Verse. Kylee Adams didn’t ask to be the Chosen One, but when she awakens in a nightmare after a gruesome car crash, she becomes the living experiment of Doctors Schultz and Nesmith’s groundbreaking serum.

Across the country, young Sarah, a forgotten soul in a life of neglect, is plunged into a terrifying journey when she’s kidnapped. In the underworld heart of gangland chaos, a newly empowered Kylee unravels a labyrinth of deceit, power, and dark desire.

As she grows, Sarah Luchk is ensnared by her own ambitions, yet her serum-sparked evolution unlocks powers beyond her wildest dreams. As the city teeters on a knife-edge, danger prowls around every shadowy corner.

In the world of Neural Verse, alliances shatter like glass, trust is gold dust, and the fight for power blurs the boundaries of right and wrong. Unearth shocking truths that rock the world to its core. The intoxicating allure of power seduces them.

Get ready for a heart-stopping, high-octane journey into a world of serum, secrets, and sinister intrigue.


Best Book Editors Review

This is the second book I’ve read by this author, and this one is going to blow your socks off.

In this novel, sci-fi-meets-horror-meets-organised crime. It’s written by a wild author with no fences around his imagination, and nothing to hold him back.

Kylee Adams is a newly qualified cop who is given an amazing transformation after a terrible road accident.

Sarah is a neglected child who is kidnapped and brought into the crazy world of Neural Verse. She’s adopted into the wealthy Luchk empire and sets her cap on harnessing that power for herself.
In a blurring of right against wrong, good against evil, the two women’s lives are inextricably linked by the mysterious serum produced in the Neural Verse laboratories.

But that’s only one small part of what goes on in this roller-coaster ride of a book involving gangs and drugs and murder. The pace is frenetic, and you’ll find yourself turning the pages fast to keep up.
While there is nothing in this story to stop it from being suitable for young adults— but it’s a wild and crazy ride of a read not for the fainthearted.

Horror Meets Sci-Fi: The New King of Horror: A showcase for S. Lee Glick

Within the darkened, misty realms where horror meets science fiction, a luminary has emerged, captivating readers’ imaginations with spine-chilling tales. S. Lee Glick, a masterful storyteller, has recently released a ground-breaking new book Neural Verse that is thrilling fans of the genre. It is with great enthusiasm that we celebrate S. Lee Glick’s reign as the New King of Horror.

Glick’s latest book, a mesmerizing blend of horror and science fiction, has been rising since its release a few weeks ago. This compelling work, titled Neural Verse, plunges readers into a world teetering on the edge of darkness and scientific intrigue. Glick’s intricate narrative webs draw readers deep into a labyrinth of terror, where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs. It could happen—it could be happening now. It could happen to you. His skilful storytelling and uncanny ability to evoke fear have earned him the well-deserved nickname.

But there’s more to S. Lee Glick’s success than his mastery of the genre. His journey to becoming a celebrated author is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit. Several years ago, Glick faced a life-altering challenge—a stroke that threatened to derail his dreams. However, instead of succumbing to adversity, he harnessed his indomitable willpower to overcome the obstacles he faced. His rehabilitation has been a long one.

For him, the act of writing isn’t just about creation. It’s a testament to his resilience and perseverance. While it’s remarkable for anyone to write a book, it is an even more awe-inspiring accomplishment for Mr Glick, who has triumphed over personal adversity to pursue his passion. His dedication and unwavering commitment serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring writers and readers alike.

Glick’s previous works, such as Six Haunting Tales, have captivated audiences with their macabre brilliance. Each story in the collection weaves together elements of horror and suspense, transporting readers to chilling realms where the unknown lurks in every shadow. Glick’s atmospheric prose and masterful character development leave an indelible mark on readers’ minds, ensuring that his stories linger in the dead of night when you turn the lights off.

With The Testament, Glick demonstrates his ability to create narratives that transcend traditional boundaries. This tale introduces us to Joey, a character grappling with a deep and unsettling secret. As the story unfolds, Glick crafts an atmosphere of foreboding, unravelling the mysteries that surround Joey, and leaving readers on the edge of their seats.

The local press has taken notice of Glick’s talent, and they are eager to shed light on his writing. In an upcoming piece, they’ll delve into the intricacies of his writing process, his unique perspective on the horror genre, and the triumph of his spirit in the face of adversity. It is a testament to the impact Glick’s work has had on the hearts of readers.

As readers, we anticipate each new release from S. Lee Glick, knowing that his stories will transport us to new dimensions and challenge our perceptions of reality. Glick reaffirms his position as a master storyteller and an inspiration to us all. He really can tell a good yarn and if he makes the odd mistake—we can forgive that.

In conclusion, our camping adventures and appreciation for nature have rekindled our love for the great outdoors and strengthened our bond with our furry companions and each other. Best Book Editors stands ready to support aspiring authors with their literary endeavours, offering expert editing services that bring out the brilliance of their words. And S. Lee Glick, the new King of Horror, continues to enthral us with his genre-bending tales, showcasing a remarkable man. As we lose ourselves in the worlds he creates, we are reminded that through the darkest shadows, there is always a light waiting to be discovered.

Books by this Author

There’s Something Wrong with Joey

S.Lee Glick

He was never the same after the first kill.

Teenager Joey spends part of his summer at the County fair with his cousins. Following a terrifying incident, they notice that he’s changed. When he receives a creepy mask as a gift from his father, his disturbing behaviour escalates to the point of no return. He embarks on a horrifying journey of self-discovery as his mental state exacerbates his emerging characters. Joey must find himself . . . or lose everything.

Violence, and his inner struggle, have a far-reaching effect when the cousins are pulled into his mania and the line between right and wrong is blurred. Can Joey’s influence ever be stopped?

One of the best horror stories of its time, a psychological blend of nostalgia, horror and the supernatural.

Publication Date: April 6, 2022
Paperback ISBN: 979-8447066154


The Testament

S.Lee Glick

A down-on-his-luck writer. The opportunity of a lifetime. A book to die for…

Simon desperately desires to transform his life from impoverished schoolteacher to celebrated horror author. So he thinks he’s won the lottery when his bestselling uncle dies and wills him an unfinished scary manuscript. But he doesn’t realize his scheming wealthy cousins will go to any lengths to prevent him from writing, “The End.”

As he pours his soul into the ghoulish script, Simon senses threatening forces and ghostly figures haunting his every move. And after he survives a brutal attack, he fears it’s just a matter of time before evil incarnate returns for his blood—and his words.

Can Simon finish the morbid masterpiece, or is he only crafting his own epitaph?

The Testament is a blood-curdling paranormal mystery novel. If you like dark noir, creeping suspense, and shocking surprises, then you’ll love Stephen Glick’s spectral tale.

Publication Date: Feb 1, 2020
Paperback ISBN: 978-1646693498



Six Haunting Tales

S.Lee Glick

In Glick’s first book, you are given a front-row seat into the imagination and quirky sense of humor that he possesses.

Glick presents six short stories straight from the pages of his notebook. From Glicks chilling imagination to his first book, stories will grab you and pull you into the mind of madness or genius. You decide.

The stories include youthful stupidity and the horror of man’s best friend gone bad. So take that seat, and let us begin! Welcome the new kid on the block of horror.


Publication Date: 22 Nov, 2017
Paperback ISBN:978-1543462821




Author Interview

We would like to introduce ….S Lee Glick, Author of Six Haunting Tales, The Testament and his new release There’s Something Wrong with Joey.

BBE: Welcome. Let’s get to know you first before we talk about your books. While my team alter the bright lights to shine—just so, tighten the thumbscrews and hook up the polygraph; why don’t you start at the beginning and tell us about your early life and upbringing?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

I grew up on a cattle farm with my parents and one older sister Jonnie Marie. I used that name in my latest book, There’s Something Wrong with Joey

My mother was a real estate broker, and my father worked for the government from the beginning of World War Two until he retired. I’m not the only one exploring our creative side, as My sister grew up to be an artist. Dad farmed most of his life, so I have soil running through my blood. I never had a lot of material things growing up, but I never thought of us as poor. I went to a catholic grade school, so my daily wardrobe was a school uniform—It was pretty easy, I guess. This uniform plays into my two novels. Some things leave a lasting scar, right?

BBE: Where are you from, and where do you live now?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

Growing up, our farm was close to a small town called Rock Falls, Illinois. It was an average childhood, living through the crazy ’70s.  

Long story short, we moved to southern Wisconsin six years ago. I’d say that I got too big in the britches and pulled my wife into a move that put us a spitting distance from Minnesota. We have two children. Our son Matthew lives close to Chicago, Illinois. He’s a tattoo artist. Our daughter lives in the resort community of the Wiscon Dells. Uprooting was a good move for us because it allows us to visit and be visited by our children regularly.

BBE: how did you perform at school, top of the class or the child they said would never amount to anything as long as he had a hole in his—inkwell?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

I don’t believe I sat firmly in either camp. I spent my junior and senior years working on my parent’s farm and had a job as a bagger at the grocery store. Like most kids, every Friday and Saturday night was spent in a beer induced haze. I used my father’s f150 truck, and kept a 12 pack of beer hidden in the springs of the back seat. They were good times for sure. I passed all of my exams, but my report card was inscribed with Capable of much more. It wasn’t until I was older that I wanted to do more with my life. I’m a type-A personality. I wish I had applied myself more when learning was free.

BBE:  Where are you now? Tell us a bit about your life, work and family?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

I suffered a Stroke on May 29th 2016. That’s the last day I ever drove a car. The last time I worked or walked unassisted. Every day I live in the hope of better times ahead. I was never crooked, but I would work in the grey area if I could—life isn’t about black and white. There are always those shades of grey where most of us sit. I have a good life, and when I was working, I made good money. I managed a retail business that had 25,000,000 in revenue per year. But as it came in, I spent money like a drunken sailor.

BBE: Where do you go when the world gets scary?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

I have no choice. Before my stroke I loved to sit at a bar and be part of that scene. These days, I bury myself at the keyboard.

BBE: Which five people, alive or dead, would you invite to a dinner party?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

I am a huge fan of Stephen King, Mark Edwards, Katherine Black, Dean Koontz and Volodymyr Zelenskyy. And I’d like to bring my father back to show him I am doing okay.

BBE:  What is your method for writing?

Author Name: S LeeGlick.

  1. Get an idea.
  2. Write the first three chapters.
  3. Write three chapters by the close of every day.

I set myself rules—but rules are made to be broken, and they are all prone to change on a whim depending on my mood that day. The island scene in The Testament is a perfect example of an idea coming to fruition and then evolving.

BBE: Favourite food, drink, pet, film and book?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

A juicy hamburger. An ice-cold Leinenkugle wheat beer. My wife bought a dapple colored Dachshund. I just love him. Movie. Thank you for asking, Secret Window with Jonnie Depp. Book Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery or Christine. Both are so good

BBE: What makes you different?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

 I could give you the pile of monkey dung and say we all are. I have a library dedicated to horror books. I read that genre daily. I write in the genre daily, and when I’m in bed, I listen to podcasts about the genre. Aaron Mankee is my favorite.

BBE: And how did you come to writing?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

I had my stroke when I was 57. I was taking college classes at that time and trying to further my education and work status. I was within a few months of obtaining that worked-so-hard-for higher degree. Life was good, I was taking my electives, and the classes I chose were in creative writing. I was pretty good at that. My life revolved around my business, and I found I enjoyed writing stories that took me out of my world, and didn’t have a business angle to them.

Life is a stressor, and we can get so immersed in putting food on the table and serving our careers. I try to find the good and bad in everything—and trust me, the stroke was bad. However, until I had the damn thing, I must say that I had only ever read five books for pleasure. I told myself I was too busy.

After the stroke, I was sent to a rehab facility. Ugh! Two of the CNAs were talking about books with me. They were both Stephen King fans, so I ordered my first books from my little rehab center room. Get a box of Kleenex ready.  I will be forever grateful  to the people that helped me get my life back. Their names are Kylee and Elijah. They were kind to me and they  saved my life. I still keep in touch with them.

BBE: What are your influences and your writing ethos?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

Stephen King. He is more than horror. He is exceptional when it comes to writing.

In my writing I want to take the mundane, what we see as common, and inject the uncommon and creepy into it.I want the reader to see what I am seeing in every scene. That’s what I hope my writing brings to readers. The reader should hear that sound and smell that smell—and whats that over there in that shadow?

BBE:  How far have you come, and where are you going with your writing?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

For my age I should have , could have, twenty or thirty books out there. But, alas, all I have is three.

I love writing horror. I think I am okay at it. I want to  get better. Part of that is so my readers will truly enjoy my work. The other is that I had to quit work and this validates that I am still here. I hope in ten years I’ll have fiteen books for people to choose from and that my name is mentioned with the likes of King and Koontz. You gotta dream, RIGHT?

BBE:  Ready—Set—Go. Tell us about your books in order of publication?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

Six Haunting Tales: While I was an inmate at the rehab center. I scribbled in a note book. This is where much of the book came from. I wasn’t charged much to publish this book. The publisher gave me no feed back at all. But they convinced me that to introduce myself to readers I needed to have reviews on this book—it cost me. Sadly, I fell for the hard line. Once I got done crying and bitching, I set myself straight and gave myself a good talking to. I had two choices.

To never touch the keyboard again.

Get a writing coach. I did and my second book was a better product.The frustration about six haunting tales was that nobody told me anything before the book was printed. In retrospect, I learned to get my books edited and get a writing coach. For a fee those services are available.

The Testament is an 82,000 word novel.

The concept for this book was born from a discussion with my son about book I was given.

Originally it was my grandfather’s and had dropped down the generations.

It was well written and edited well.

There’s Something Wrong with Joey. Joey was one of my characters in The Testament. While I was writing it, I asked my coach her feelings. And she suggested I moved the focus to of the book to Joey? Voila, my third book was born, with Joey taking a leading role.

BBE:  Which is the favourite of your books?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

During the months it took to write Joey, I felt that The Testament was a better product. But now, I will go with Joey. I smile at many lines that I have written. So, yes, There’s Something Wrong with Joey.

My life blends into each of my books. If you know me, or knew me back then, you’ll recognise some of my major life dramas.

BBE: And your favourite character, how did they come about? What do you like or dislike about them?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

I love Simon Luchk. He is me, I am him. Simon was so easy to write, the words flowed because I know everything detail and him. Simon can be a sneaky bastard, like I said, I can work very comfortably in the grey area. But mostly he’s a stand-up guy.

BBE: Tell us about your writing achievements and about things that haven’t worked so well for you?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

Sadly, to date I have no writing honors. However I believe I’m in the running for a couple of award nominations later this year for Best Book Cover, Best Book Trailer and Best Book.

BBE: What are you working on?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

Nuro verse is the early working title of my next book, I think? It’s some mad science stuff.

The Lottery is next. End of the world shit.

Home Security. A haunting tale of the betrayal of your safe place.

I have 15,000 words to 43,000 words on these titles. I like the realism slant and all of these storylines are possible—it could happen to you. But in line with ‘my brand,’ they still sit in the horror genre.

BBE: Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

Right back here answereing questions for you! Hopefully using a new computer and looking at a lake.

BBE: Which is your favourite cover? How did you come up with it, and did you do it yourself?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

The cover for Joey is my favorite by far. Best Book Editers did the cover. I had an idea and they brought it to life.

BBE: How do you market and promote your work?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

I have done three book signings. And, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at a mystery book store. I’ve had a write-up in three newspapers. BBE’s Media Pack helped with that. I am writing aother book about a haunting at a popular bar where my daughter works. When I get it done, I will be having my book launch there with a themed event. And, a drink tied to the bar. Here’s to The Showboat Saloon.

BBE: Tips for other writers?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

Do what you know and love.

We build our fanbase one book at a time. One reader at a time.

BBE: What will your epitaph say?

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

He found his passion late in life.

BBE:  Anything we haven’t covered? Write your own question and use the last one to say anything you’d like to say to the reader.

Author Name: S Lee Glick.

To my friend, the reader. If you like a book or an author, talk about it. Please pass the word onto your friends. My life is a very solumn one. A kind word goes a long way.  

BBE:  Thank you for taking our interview. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. Best Book Editors wish you every success with your career, with life and with you.Thank you! 

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The Testament

Press /Media Pack 

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The Testament

6 Haunting Tales 

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The first thing I want to say about this book is that the author is a stroke victim.  Writing a book is a huge achievement for anybody, but it has been an added challenge for this author. At the beginning of all of his books, I love that he adds a stroke warning to all of his readers and a symptoms checklist. It’s a beautiful and public-spirited thing to do for others.

So, the story. It’s written from our teenager Simon’s POV but largely focuses on the decline of his cousin Joey.

The family exhibit their animals at the County fair, and it’s the event of the year. After a run of unpleasant incidents, it’s here that they first notice the change in Joey—he’s different.

When they get home, things only escalate. His dad buys him a mask, and Joey fixates on it—but by this point, the rot has already set in.

As we are pulled into a spiralling vortex of murder and unimaginable horror, the rest of the family is drawn in and implicated in the atrocities and mayhem.


The story is fast, and one incident leads to the next until the chaos abounds, and at the heart of it—is Joey. The odd child.

Seeped in 1970s nostalgia, the description of life in those halcyon days is sublime. Glick takes you back in time to small-town rural American easy-street—but then there’s Joey.


One not to be missed out on.

He is the author of three books:

There’s Something Wrong with Joey

The Testament

Six Haunting Tales

Joey is his latest offering, and it’s one of the best horror stories mixed with seventies nostalgia that you’ll ever read.




Set in small-town America during the 1970s and told from the first-person perspective of Joey’s 13-year-old cousin, Simon. This story revolves around the large Luchks family and how the ‘tender-hearted and honest’ Joey turns into a monster. The boys and their friend Willie are bullied by the older Vinnie, Terry and their crowd on a day out at the County Fair. Forced to defend himself, 10-year-old Joey tastes the enemy’s flesh in the ensuing fight.

It awakens something dark inside him, as evidenced by the horror story he tells afterwards. He claims it was real and more than just a dream. That’s the beginning, and life in the Luchks family will never be the same.

Author S Lee Glick builds a fast-paced narrative set in the well-painted scenery of provincial country life. It’s peopled with believable characters who initially act as might be expected. These are ordinary farming community folks—but their world is turned upside down. Against such an everyday background, the horror is intensified through the cold and matter-of-fact manner in which atrocious actions are carried out.

Where will it end?


The first thing I want to say about this book is that Stephen Glick is a surviving stroke victim, and at the front of all of his books, he lists the warning signs of an oncoming stroke. This could potentially save somebody’s life, and I think it’s an amazingly public-spirited thing to do. It bears no relevance to the story, but I think it’s great.

While this is a horror story, we have a bit of everything in here. We read through the narrative of Simon, a young lad growing up in the seventies. Following two branches of his family, we are taken through a disturbing time as it is apparent that there’s something wrong with Joey.

The locations are stunning as the family splits to have one half living in the area around Lake Michigan and the other on Lake Superior.

It’s a coming-of-age/horror story, and the author pulls no punches. We have two branches of teenage cousins, four on one side and two—one of which is our narrator, Simon—on the other. Joey is gifted a mask that affects his personality—but the interesting thing about this story is that Joey has gone horribly wrong long before he’s given the mask. The social question is; did the mask have any relevance to the unfolding madness? Nature or dark forces?

The description is beautiful. I loved the state fair and carnival scenes. I’m sure I got a whiff of hotdogs as I read.

Glick is the master of the one-liner, and there are some fantastic analogies, similies and observational sentences of description. For instance, what is the difference between a ship and a boat?—if a boat can carry a boat, then it can call itself a ship. Isn’t that lovely? Flawed, because a little boat could carry a littler boat and still be a little boat, but lovely. This author is funny, and I laughed out loud at one point, Watch out for a hand reaching for a light switch when our heroes are going after Samuel’s tribe.

Each character is beautifully drawn, and the reader comes to know them well, and even when they do some terrible things, you can’t help rooting for them.

The story is intricate, deep and rich. Tragedy follows the family, and one bad apple can turn the rest of the crop. A brilliant story of a family suffering unimaginable horrors.

Cracking book, It’s light and deep and fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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