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Review of There’s Something Wrong with Joey by S Lee Glick from staff reviewer Laura Lyndhurst.

Set in small-town America during the 1970s and told from the first-person perspective of Joey’s 13-year-old cousin, Simon. This story revolves around the large Luchks family and how the ‘tender-hearted and honest’ Joey turns into a monster. The boys and their friend Willie are bullied by the older Vinnie, Terry and their crowd on a day out at the County Fair. Forced to defend himself, 10-year-old Joey tastes the enemy’s flesh in the ensuing fight.

It awakens something dark inside him, as evidenced by the horror story he tells afterwards. He claims it was real and more than just a dream. That’s the beginning, and life in the Luchks family will never be the same.

Author S Lee Glick builds a fast-paced narrative set in the well-painted scenery of provincial country life. It’s peopled with believable characters who initially act as might be expected. These are ordinary farming community folks—but their world is turned upside down. Against such an everyday background, the horror is intensified through the cold and matter-of-fact manner in which atrocious actions are carried out.


Where will it end?




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