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BBE Blog Showcasing Faye and George Chamberlain.

BBE Blog Showcasing Faye and George Chamberlain.


As we lurch into the last few weeks of 2022, we can comment that it’s been a right old year, hasn’t it? The controversial views expressed are my own and not representative of Best Book Editors as a whole.

The year’s big news is that we lost Old Lizzie on the 8th of September. RIP Queen Elizabeth II, and Long Live the King. To be fair, I think old Charlie boy’s a pompous old twit (take that as a misspelling if you wish) I’m hoping that in June next year, when we have all the pomp—and expenditure to the country—of the coronation, he will accept the crown and promptly abdicate to let some fresh blood in and make it worth the money. But he won’t. Mind, even Will’s knocking 40 now, so he’s not what you’d call young. Have a run, Will and make way for George when he’s old enough to know what he’s doing. Let’s have a king young enough to be in touch with the people—well, the loaded ones, anyway.

I’m a royalist. I am absolutely a royalist. I love that we have a Monarchy. I just don’t like our royal family very much. We’ve gone from possible murder and Tampon envy to paedophilia in the last couple of decades.

I am very much a Diana-ist.

Let’s not put Saint Diana on too much of a pedestal. She was a bloody high-handed nightmare. All that Queen of Hearts rubbish was ridiculous. She was a media and Diana-PR genius. That stupid, horribly affected, shy look that she perfected was as fake as Charles’s affection for her. But she wouldn’t be told what to do. That girl learned how to work a camera. Off stage, she was a foul-mouthed, self-entitled dramatist. She had them all jumping through hoops to try and keep her in line. Short of buying her a ball gag and locking her in the dungeon, she was likely to go on a mania-fuelled romp at any given moment. They were at a loss for what to do with her. She was savvy enough to work the country’s pity for her, and I think that was all that kept her from flinging off her top on the royal balcony and shaking her royal boobs at the crowd.

I think she was great.

But let’s not forget, they, The Firm, took that green kid and made that monster. And they did it all without sticky back plastic and Sellotape. She was only what they turned her into. And there are still those conspiracy theorists who believe she was murdered.

One of the great stories of the 20th Century.

And talking about great stories.  We’ve got a new one from a husband and wife combi-team. Faye and George Chamberlain have released Face of Duplicity, the gripping sequel to Connections Past. It’s an edge-of-your-seat, page-turning saga unfolding—but with far more likeable characters than the crowd above.

Faye asked me if it was a USP (unique selling point) being a husband and wife co-writing team. It’s not unheard of. However, it is a remarkable achievement. If Hubby changed so much as one comma on my books—I’d kill him.

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to this lovely couple, and you can see at a glance that they are very much in love after years of marriage.

First things first, let’s introduce their wonderful books.

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Connections Past







Face of Duplicity







Read the OFFICIAL Best Book Editors book Reivew here. 

Review of Face of Duplicity by Faye & George Chamberlain.

Want a taster of what to expect from the book? In this book trailer we have captured the esence of the drama, written in glorious description and set in beautiful, but sometimes, treacherous, Austrailia.

Want to know what the Beta readers thought?

Prereader Reviews Face of Duplicity

I really liked book 1, book 2 is even better. Unpredictable twists and turns kept me turning the page to see what would happen next.

Brian N – Retired Firefighter

Face of Duplicity is a brilliant continuation of book 1, Connections Past. Characters face many life threatening events. Amazing read. Couldn’t put it down.

Yvonne P – Photographer

Here are some quick links for Faye and George



Amazon -Connections Past E-Book ebook/dp/B09F7TFK35/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1665325880&sr=8-2

Amazon -Connections Past Paper Back

Amazon -Connections Past Hard Cover




Author Page link on Amazon


We wish Faye and George every sucess with their wonderful series and look forward to Book Three.

Several of our clients have new releases this week.  Accomplished author Beverley Latimer has released her third book The Winemaker’s Son.






Our very own Craig Degan, member of the BBE admin team, has released Dire Sorrows the next book in his amazing Cracklock Series.









Both of these authors have blog showcasing coming up in the next few weeks.

Books by Katherine Black

In other new, I haven’t released a new book yet–but I have finsihed one. Honeysuckle by Katherine Black, will hopefully be relased before year’s end. You can find my other books here.  

It’s my first foray into writing a homicide detective series and the first book has a supernatural element to it, which is also new to me.

It’s the first book I’ve written in six years. I don’t know what my excuse was for the first three, but over the last three years, every second of my time has been devoted to building the company, Best Book Editors. I’ve promoted other authors but have had no time for my own writing, editing or promotion. Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with a brain condition Type 1 TN. It’s meant that I have to take things easier. BBE is more selctive about the clients we can take on. I have reduced the number of staff on the books and scaled down the company. Prior to my condition we never once turned a prospective client away. I’m still in front of a computer for fifteen hours most days, but now it’s only most days not every day, and included in that time is a slot for me and my own writing. I love it and didn’t realise how much I missed writing.

I have almost completed the first of seven edits on Honeysuckle. I am halfway through editing Keepers of the Quantum, the sequel to Lizards Leap, and I’ve mde a tentative start on  editing  Denial, the second in my Murmurations Series. The Human Touch a pyschological thriller started years ago, is two thirds written and part edited. And I have started the second book in the DCI Nash series. So I’m keeping busy, as you do.


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It’s Time for the BBE Book Awards 2022

The desgin team are creating the awards as we speak and the judges are reading the nominated books for Book Of The Year. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the overall prized category of Editor’s Choice.

The Book cover and Book Trailer categories will be posted on the BBE Facebook group on the 15th November when voting on your favourites will commence.

The Presentations will be made on the 1st January 2023.


That’s all folks.



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