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Blog: BBE Blog 13th of December 2021: New Release Omicron Coming to a Cinema Near You

This week’s Author Showcase is by a cracking thriller writer Amanda Sheridan, and we’ve got a freebie from Adam Gaffen. We came to this late, it should have been out last week, but we’ll make up for it because we’ve got some great stuff to show you from Amanda. It’s been a crazy week here. I could just copy and paste that statement and post it every week.

However, this one’s been a doozie—is that a good thing or a bad one? I don’t even know what a doozie is, but it sounds good in my head. Doozie, Also: doozer (ˈduːzər) something that is extraordinary or outstanding of its kind. Come on, it’s got an upsidedown e, that’s cool. So our week wasn’t exactly extraordinary or outstanding as week’s go, maybe more of a Doo than a full-on all-singing and dancing doozer. But I did pull four all-nighter’s out of seven to get the ghostwritten book finished and back to the client. Hence the reason that this comes late.

I was going to write about it being the 40th anniversary of the first reported case of AIDS, but that was last week, so it’s a bit of a damp squib now. It’s still worthy of mention that something that was a certain death sentence in its early days is a condition that’s possible to live with today. That’s worthy of a celebration. Here’s to looking forward to the first recorded case of somebody who has lived a relatively healthy life with HIV or AIDS for 40 years—and in the future, maybe somebody cured of it after four decades.

I was going to write about the storm that left 135,000 houses without power and water for a week—but that’s kind of blown itself out now, too.

I caught a couple of minutes of BoJo after Strictly last night. Can I sue them for making me use an adverb? He watches Strictly and football and thinks I’m the lowest of the inbreds for enjoying Emmerdale—get over it, woman. Adopting my serious head for a second. Talking of heads, how can you take that man seriously with a barnet like that? Says the woman with bright blue hair. He does deliver a very good State of Emergency broadcast, though.

The country is back in crisis. We have gone to stage 4 of 5 again. Masks must be worn in all public places, and while they are trying to avoid another lockdown, we do have to be good children. A booster vaccination programme has opened in the UK for anybody over 18. We are urged to be booster jabbed before the new year.

Omicron is here. It’s like the title to a horror novel. Hospitals are filling, and the number of cases doubles every two to three days. The message is clear, folks, get your booster—and stay safe.  When’s it going to end? We need that herd immunity. Who’d have thought two year’s ago that we’d still be in the grip of it?

Anybody in from Latvia? No? Good. In that case, I can comment that I think the Latvian ladies football team had all been on a nightshift before their match the other day. They played the England ladies, and the Brits had a little victory. The score was 20-0. Apparently, it’s one of the highest-scoring games in history. I love football. Anybody that knows me is saying, ‘What? You hate football.’ Wrong. It’s one of my favourite things. The reason is that whenever it’s on, I can sneak to my office and catch up on an extra couple of hours of stuff that I’m behind with. Hubby is sitting downstairs watching however many big, crying pussys kicking a ball up and down a field and pretending to be hurt every two minutes. And you should see the scorn he throws my way if I dare to mention Emmerdale.  Really? Anyway, he’s like a pig in poo. I’m as guilt-free as if I’ve just avoided a cake shop, and this blog is going out on time—so there might be one untruth in that lot.


Showcase Time.

As soon as I read the premise for Rapid Eye Movement, I was intrigued and looked forward to reading it. This week we are showing off the brilliant talent that is Amanda Sheridan. BBE urge you to read this author’s tense and well thought out thrillers. And we have even more good news REM has a sequel, The Dreaming, so when you’ve finished the first book, you don’t have to wait for your next fix.

Let’s start with some links.

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Let’s have some more fun stuff. The Dreaming will be getting its own showcase in a few weeks.



Here is what the team at BBE thought of Rapid Eye Movement. You can read the review below. 


Review of Rapid Eye Movement by Amanda Sheridan

Amanda came to us for her book trailers and BBE did the new cover for The Dreaming. She gets her Marketing for Life package for free too.


When she bought her trailer from us, we had a little surpise and gave her a two-for-one-deal because we have a new designer in training–namely me. She got one of her trailers for free because she’s been such a great customer–and because I needed the practice. We hope you like them.

BBE wish Amanda every sucess with her books, and will be doing everything we can to advance her work.


Next up we have a freebie from our client Adam Gaffen.

Hiya Best Book Editor Fans,

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FREE FOR 10 days!

The Cassidy Chronicles VOLUME ONE!

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Adam Gaffen

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“You know me, jump first, knit parachute later” – Kendra


Double whammy for you this week. Enjoy.  Next week we are showcasing Oni Fox, look out for that one, it’s another Doozie.


And after buying all the amazing books above, if you have any pennies left. Katherine Black, also me, would love it if you’d check her books out. I received a great review for Lizards Leap today.

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