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Review of You know what you did by Laura Lyndhurst

A gripping and tense psyche examination of greed, malice and revenge—a thriller for our times.

Our protagonist is shady—and not just in deed. Everything about this baddie is locked in the shadows. Who the hell is this maniac sneaking around and causing mayhem? But then, is the baddie really in the wrong? We find out in the first scenes that our leading lady Amanda Roberts has stolen the protagonist’s book. We’re told that she plagiarised our character’s book and made a fortune. Roberts hits the bestseller list every time, but she’s blocked and can’t be bothered with any unblocking.


But did she steal it? Everything about this book is shrouded in mystery and intrigue as we’re pulled into Amanda’s life and less so into the life of her tormentor.

Told in dual perspective with interspersed chapters of the first-person protagonist’s POV and narrative chapters taking us into  Amanda’s celebrity lifestyle. Everything about this book is enigmatic.

This book draws you in as you are embroiled in the lives of these two people. Neither of them is particularly likeable—but that’s okay—it’s more than okay and one of the strong defining elements of the story. Most books are black and white—and most people aren’t. I like that while, for the most part, our sympathies lie with Amanda, we feel that she’s got it coming.


Amanda gets so immersed in her paranoia that she does half of her enemy’s job for her. The genius of this story is that the protagonist sets the wheels of destroying Amanda’s life in motion. It’s a train wreck—and guess who ends up driving the train?


It’s pacey, lively and beautifully told. A brilliant look into the psychology of people and what makes them tick.

In the end, a dramatic twist brings about a very satisfying close to the book. The first one I’ve read from this Author, but I went straight out and bought Fairytales Don’t Come True.


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