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Testimonial from Amanda Sheridan  April 26 2022, For book cover.

Hi Katherine,

Just a few words to say thank you for the beautiful Dream Catcher cover…


Having already had the cover for The Dreaming designed by Best Book Editors I knew the one they would make for my latest book, Dream Catcher, would be perfect. And it was. I had an idea in my mind of what I thought would be an exquisite, eye-catching cover that would have potential readers grabbing it. I even knew what colours I wanted. Well, Best Book Editors took my suggestions on board and came up with this beauty that I love so much. It captures the theme of the novel (the doorway) and the lightness of the view beyond hints at lighter moments within the story.

If you need a good company that fulfills all your needs – cover design, editing, formatting, marketing and even book trailers – look no more. These guys and gals are the ones to contact.

So, a big thank you to Katherine and the gang for all your hard work. xx


Amanda xx




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