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Blog: 30 December 2021 BBE BOOK AWARDS 2021 BLOG by Laura Lyndhurst



Here we are, with whatever 2022 brings us to look forward to, and in the world of books, they offer some prestigious awards. The British Book Awards, the Walter Scott, the Dylan Thomas, the Orwell, the Women’s, the  Booker and many others are out there, but so far away timewise. Here at Best Book Editors we believe in not hanging about, and are getting things done, which is why Sooz the Boss has instituted the BBE’s own Book Awards, with the nominations already in and the judging underway, with the winners to be announced on 1st January 2022.


Of course Sooz, aka author Katherine Black has been giving serious thought to what she’ll wear for the ceremony. Maybe something retro yet updated, a Pedigree Crush top with Twisted jeans? Something with a bustier-style arrangement, to give a  bit of Leverage up top? Whatever it is, it should be something to make lounge Lizards Leap on her. Here’s where I risk my new employment with BBE, but hey, last in, first out, and I’ll risk it in saying Hang on Sooz, you’re on Nowhere Boulevard here and letting your crazy come out to play, to the point of Insanity. Sorry to tell you that Fairytales Don’t Come True and crush your dreams, but we’re an online outfit and there won’t be any ceremony to get dressed up for. We can do a Skype with vodka if you like, but that’s as far as it goes, and I got some unofficial plugs for your own books in there, didn’t I? Okay, one of mine too, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.


Seriously, though, BBE has recently celebrated its first birthday, and these awards are the culmination of twelve months of hard work in building the business, growing a clientele and employing a team to provide what they need. The fact of having these awards is a testament to the success of the business in this first year.


Which brings me to the important bit, the award categories and the nominations.


First, we have the Best Book Editors: Book of the Year Award. Despite the best efforts of Sooz to get this list down to five books, it proved impossible to get below seven. Congratulations and good luck to the finalists, who will all have the fact of their having been shortlisted displayed on their future marketing. Here they are, listed in no particular order:


Fair Play by Grace Grahme

Why Good Men Kill by James Lilley

Trafficking Innocence by Nalani Titcombe.

Before the Storm by R.G. Roberts

Waking Up Rich by James Robb

Chicken Livers and Artichokes by Pina Bird

Bound by Oath and Heart by Jenna O’Malley


The judging for this one will be undertaken by the BBE team, minus soft-hearted Sooz, who just can’t choose one over the others. In the event of a tie we’ll vote again to find a winner, who will be announced on Saturday 1st January 2022.

Then we have the Best Book Editors: Book Cover of the Year Award, which is open to clients who had their book covers created by BBE. After much deliberation we managed to whittle the list down to four finalists, as follows:


The Green Girl and the Serum by S.T.L Armstrong

Stone Soul by P J Merrigan

The Dreaming by Amanda Sheridan

Consequences of Crime, Greed and Love by Barbara Mostella

Voting for this one has been thrown open to all BBE Facebook Group members, votes to go either in the comments box on the thread on the post, or sent via Messenger to Sooz Simpson or Jo Hanna. Should we arrive at a tie, voting will be opened again for the tied covers. Congratulations to those shortlisted and good luck. Voting closes on Thursday 30th December 2021 and the winner will be announced on Saturday 1st January 2022.


Finally, Voting is open for the BBE Best Book Trailer 2021 Awards, which once again is open to all BBE Facebook Group members who, as I write, are delivering votes for their favourite from the trailers given below, once more listed in no particular order:


Diedre Dorsett for The Purple Moon

Jenna O’Malley for Bound by Fate and Blood

Rapid Eye Movement by Amanda Sheridan

Peter J Merrigan for The Camel Trail

Brigitte-Morse-Starkenburg for The Sensorians: Awakening

Onia Fox for Listless In Turkey


Again, voting for all categories closes on Thursday 30th December 2021, with the winner to be announced on Saturday 1st January 2022.


It’s over to the judging then, and may I wish the best of luck to everyone who’s been nominated. You’re a winner just for being in this position and it was your blood, sweat, tears and hard work that got you here. If you didn’t bag top spot this year it could be you up there this time next year. The same goes for all the other authors out there who’ve worked with, or are considering working with, Best Book Editors. All of You Know What You Did, so keep on doing what you’re doing, whatever that is and, this time next year it may be your current work-in-progress vying for a nomination. (Yes, Sooz, I know, sorry, sorry).


Once more, a Happy New Year to all. We’ve enjoyed working with you this past year and look forward to working with more of you this year. ‘God bless us, every one’. And so say all of us.


Blog written for us by the lovely Laura Lyndhurst. Thank you so much. You have no idea how appreciated it is this week.


And as we come to year’s end, I’d just like to add my thanks to the team, to the clients, and to the group members and supporters.


And here’s to doing it all again next year.


Happy New Year Everybody.



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